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Fire Emblem Engage: Amber & Gameplay Tidbits via Twitter

Note: This is a backdated article.

Tuesday’s daily Fire Emblem Engage content included a profile for Amber, plus some info on this game’s time-rewinding mechanic, plus a few other things.

Amber’s a here-o!

Amber (VA: Atsushi Tamaru) is a royal knight from Brodia, and Diamant’s retainer. He’s an endlessly bright and pure knight, with a passionate heart. A romanticist who loves the fables and legends of the world, but everything he does usually leads to trouble.

A battle scene:

This battle occurs at the map with tall cacti seen in Fogado’s spotlight etc.

Amber is shown here as a Level 14 Lance Knight. His inventory includes an Iron Lance, Steel Lance, Javelin, Iron Greatlance and Ridersbane.

His foe is a Corrupted with a Steel Sword. During battle, his skill “Name Drop” triggers (slightly different spelling than Ferdinand’s skill in Three Hopes).

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