Fire Emblem Engage: Seadall & Animal Tidbits via Twitter

After a brief gap, the Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter has shared some more Fire Emblem Engage posts, this time featuring Seadall’s profile and some animal hi-jinks.

Seadall’s profile:

Seadall (VA: Shogo Sakamoto) is a renowned dancer from the Kingdom of Solm. Has a glamorous charm and a mysterious air to him. Also skilled at fortune-telling and often reads the fortunes of his companions.

Dancing scene:

This video is showing Seadall’s dancing, which allows a unit to move again, like previous FEs.

Seadall is at the map with sealed rooms, seen in Hortensia’s spotlight etc. He’s a Level 15 Dancer with a Silver Body Art, Protective Body Art and Vulnerary, synced with Corrin.

Seadall has a greyed out Chain Guard command. Qi Adepts can use this to nullify damage inflicted to adjacent allies at the cost of up to 20% of their HP. However, it can only be used at full health and Seadall has taken damage.

Also, the ally given an extra turn is Alear as a Level 19 Dragon Child, Engaged with Ike. He has a Lightning Sword, Silver Sword, Ike’s Hammer, Iron Blade, Libération and a Vulnerary.

A conversation between Seadall and Amber:

Seadall: Huh!? Wh-what’s the meaning of this!?

Amber: Y-you startled me… What’s got you in a tizzy?

Seadall: I just did a fortune reading with my cards. And they told me that the chosen man of legends is close by…

Amber: What!? The chosen man of legends? Where? Where is he!?

Seadall: The cards describe him as a cheerful, energetic and handsome man.

Amber: N-no way… Could it be referring to the one and only me…?

Seadall: But alas, he’s supposed to be a complete fool.

Amber: Not me then…

Seadall: Hmm. This man has a deep connection to a certain animal. Is this… an alpaca I’m seeing…?

Amber: Alpaca, you say? That’s me! It’s got to be me, no question about it!

Seadall: So you claim to be the man of legends?

By the way, here’s a look at Seadall’s fortune-telling:

In the Fortune-Telling Hut, Seadall can read your fortune using his tarot cards. By doing so, you may find unexpected elements of your allies.

We already saw this in the Somniel trailer.

Also, they shared some info about adopting animals:

You can adopt animals from across the world and bring them back to the Somniel. Adopted animals can be let out to graze at the Farmyard, by choosing them from the Stable, and they may drop ingredients and other items too.

This was also seen in the Somniel trailer.

Here’s what the Stable menu looks like, via the previews. Looks like you can have up to 5 animals graze at once.

Finally, some info on how to adopt animals:

You can adopt a wider variety of animals once you’ve learned how to raise them, by donating to the various countries at the Bulletin Board.

The animals themselves appear during battleground explorations after a fight (like this eagle here). If you have the qualifications to adopt an animal, you can interact with them to send them to the Somniel. Otherwise it’ll tell you to raise the country’s donation level.

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