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New Homepage Headlines!

Hey guys. It was requested of me to add a new feature to the home page to display important headlines. This will hopefully come in useful for distinguishing the most important site news from the general news. Enjoy!

Games Done Quick Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn Bidding War

Hey guys! As some of you may or may not be aware, Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 is current happening. This time, the donations all benefit the Prevent Cancer Foundation — a nonprofit organization that supports cancer research and education, as well as much more.

Even more relevant to you guys: there is currently a bidding war between Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, with the winner currently scheduled to be run tomorrow at about 9:27PM PST. The schedule can be found here and is actively updated. You can donate at this link and put your donations toward whichever game you’d like to see run tomorrow. The stream is located at! Happy watching!

Edit: Updated the time.

Incoming Site Downtime This Weekend

Hey guys, our server is going to be migrated from one data center to another as part of our hosting company’s data center upgrades this weekend. The end result is that we will be down for up to 4 hours between the times of 10PM-2PM Central Time (GMT-6) this Saturday, December 13th. Although I doubt it will take them the full 4 hours to complete the migration, I thought it’d be prudent to give you guys a heads-up. I think this will actually be the first time in our history with this host of there being actual downtime not caused by our own doing. That said, sorry for the inconvenience!

Site Redirects and Error Corrections

Hey guys, I figured that not everyone may be aware of this, but if you come across any site errors or you want to leave feedback for the new site design, we have two forum threads you can post in. This one is for errors, which I’m sure there are plenty of. Seeing as there were about 3000 pages transferred from the old site to this one, it’s very easy for mistakes to get overlooked. That said, there are also some errors that existed even on the old site, so please post whatever you find there and someone will get to it.

If you have some feedback about the new site design, there’s also a thread located here. There’s some stuff we’re not willing to change, but I’m sure there are also a lot of improvements we didn’t think of. It never hurts to make a suggestion.

Finally, I got around to implementing some advanced redirects for the site. Currently, there are a LOT of sites that link to our information and we just went ahead and changed all our URLs. This is not only bad for us, but it’s also bad for them. To fix that, here’s what I’ve done:

  • First of all, game names in the URL are universally interchangeable with feX. This means and will bring you to the same page. Since most of the games now have consistent URLs, this might also allow you to jump to the same subpage between games more easily.
  • Secondly, any URL linking to an old page that is not a 1 for 1 match with the new site will redirect to the subdomain and the respective page on that domain. The old version of the site is intact there, although you may have some trouble navigating it. This means that links to the old site will not be broken and will 95% of the time still bring you to the right place.

With all that said, we obviously would prefer you guys to use and link to our new site as much as possible. There are a number of improvements, most noticeably in the music and gallery sections. For instance: you can listen to the music right from your web browser and also read some of the manga translations directly on the site. In any case, thanks for your patience during our transition and thank you guys again with the help you gave us with upgrading the web server.