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Fire Emblem Engage: Bunet & Dining Tidbits

Note: This is a backdated article.

Mmm, I’ll feeling peckish all of a sudden. Today’s daily Fire Emblem Engage content includes Bunet’s profile and a recap of dining at the Somniel.

Here’s the starter:

Bunet (VA: Tomohiru Ono) is a royal chef from Solm, and Fogado’s retainer. A research fanatic who operates on his own wavelength. He’s always on the hunt for new ingredients.

A side dish:

The battle occurs at the desert shoals map, seen in “Engaging with Emblems”.

Bunet is a Level 1 Great Knight with a Silver Axe, Steel Axe, Tomahawk, Iron Blade and Poleax.

Allies include Goldmary (sword), Timerra (lance), Fogado (bow cavalry), Hortensia (tome/dual staff), Alear (sword), Céline (sword) and Seadall (body arts). His foe is an Elusian with a Silver Lance. Along the top are a pair of enemy tome cavalry units.

The nearby foe on the fort is a lance and dual staff cavalry, similar to a certain Hound. Oh yeah, the Griffin Knight foe below Céline can use sword and staff.

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