Fire Emblem Fates: Famitsu 18th June Details

Over in Japan, the latest digital issue of Famitsu arrived not long ago.


As the final issue before Fire Emblem Fates launches in Japan, this issue includes a bumper-packed 12-page feature on the game.

Before you get too excited, as is often the case with pre-launch features, the majority of the feature repeats information from previous issues.

Because of time restraints and to avoid repetition, I’ll simply note down the new details, of which there aren’t many, to be perfectly honestly.

Firstly, a piece of information that has got many fans talking, although personally I chalk this up to Famitsu making an innocent mistake…


Spread amongst the 5th and 6th pages, there’s a relationship chart for all the revealed characters.

Most of the relationships we’ve already known, although the chart seems to confirm that Aqua is Garon’s daughter. Not too surprising really, given her background.

What is strange, however, is that according to the icons next to them, Garon and Mikoto (the rulers of Nohr and Hoshido) are playable in both campaigns.

Honestly, I reckon the icons are misleading and simply meant to represent that the two rulers are key characters in both campaigns. That said, the icons are very explicit as to their meaning.

Or perhaps the two rulers are playable, but only for a very brief moment. Maybe at the very beginning or end of the game? Whatever the case, we’ve not long to find out.

It would be a disaster if support conversations weren't in...

It would be a disaster if support conversations weren’t in.

Not really new, but a pleasant confirmation for concerned fans. The 7th page illustrates that support conversations are definitely returning, even though all the signs were there.

Despite the lack of examples, the ones show suggest the conversations are unique and not like the travesty that was Radiant Dawn’s support conversations. Shudder.

Our next new information is simply that the Fire Emblem Amiibos can be used to unlock special items in addition to battling and recruiting that character.

I need to grab a Marth Amiibo pronto.

I need to grab a Marth Amiibo pronto.

The screenshot shown has the player receive “Marth’s Tiara” from Marth. Is this an accessory-type item?

Onto the final two pages, there is a comment about Sakura being a very useful character.

Not only can she heal exceptionally well, but she has a personal skill that causes all allies within a 2 tile radius to receive 2 less damage.

At the bottom of the penultimate page, there’s a note about the exclusive Fire Emblem Cipher cards that come packaged with certain editions of the game.

…Except the note simply tells us how Master Seals and Parallel Seals work. Whoops!

fecipher-bonus-lucina fecipher-bonus-marth

Fortunately, Nintendo already revealed what the exclusive cards were on their official Twitter account.

Early-purchasers can look forward to a special Lucina Cipher card (illustrated by toi8), which will be included as a first-print bonus in all copies of the game.

Meanwhile, those with the Special Edition will receive a special Marth Cipher Card (illustrated by Daisuke Izuka), along with the above Lucina card.

"Chevalier" is another word for "knight".

“Chevalier” is another word for “knight”.

Lastly, in the bottom-left corner of the final page, there’s a screenshot of the Avatar and Belka teaming up to fight a “Chevalier Soldier“. Perhaps a soldier from another nation or sub-faction?

…And that’s a wrap for this week’s issue. Hungry for more information? Keep your eyes peeled on our forums.

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