Echoes and Heroes Mini Updates

It’s almost been a whole week since the epic Fire Emblem Direct and we have a few minor updates and reminders for you.

Firstly, as we mentioned at the end of our trailer analysis for Fire Emblem Echoes, it was announced that Japan would be getting two special editions.

The second and larger of of these–the luxurious Valentia Complete will only be available from the recently opened My Nintendo Store. More precisely, pre-orders will open on 27th January 2017.

Knowing Nintendo’s inability to keep things properly stocked and the rising emergence of scalpers, you’ll need nothing short of Mila’s divine blessing to safely secure a pre-order.

To further instill confidence, there were many reports of the My Nintendo Store crashing during its opening on 23rd January 2017. Even now, Nintendo has an apologetic message as the first image in their product reel.

Anyway, for those hoping to pre-order the Valentia Complete, there are two things you should bear in mind.

One, you will need a Japanese Nintendo Account; otherwise, you will be locked out from the store. Two, you will need a Japanese postal address to receive your product. Pretty obvious, right?

(And of course, the usual caveat of the entire website being in Japanese.)

Another thing: the Nintendo 3DS is region-locked, so you won’t be able to play the Japanese version of Echoes on your North American or European (etc.) 3DS. At least not without access to Homebrew or the like.

That said, the My Nintendo Store will be offering a version of the Valentia Complete without the game. Which is very useful if you just want the bonus goodies (the soundtrack CD, artbook, Cipher cards and Blu-Ray).

Swiftly moving onto Fire Emblem Heroes. In case you somehow missed it, up until the game’s launch on 2nd February 2017, everyone is invited to vote for their favourite heroes in the Choose Your Legends event.

The highest scoring male and female character will appear in the Fire Emblem Heroes in special Choose Your Legends costumes. Additionally, the developers will be distributing monthly calendar wallpapers of the top 10 male and female characters from March 2017.

Before that though, you can enjoy the January 2017 monthly calender, which feature Alphonse and Sharena, two new characters created for Heroes.

Furthermore, the official Japanese Twitter account has revealed the current top 3 characters as of 23rd January 2017.

  1. Lyn (Blazing Blade)
  2. Lucina (Awakening)
  3. Ike (Path of Radiance)

The results shouldn’t be a huge surprise. For one, all three characters are main (or important) characters from internationally-released titles; Lucina and Ike even appear as fighters in Smash Bros.

Although Lyn being the current number 1 is a massive achievement and we’re confident she owes a lot of her success to Western fans who first got to know her during Blazing Blade over a decade ago.

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  • cerovlogs

    Whoa, I’m honestly shocked that Lyn is leading the polls. That’s great though, it means the original fanbase is not as small as I expected. I’m gonna put in some votes down for her because I really wanna see her win.

    • Chris Offner

      The Nostalgia goggles are fierce in this poll. I kinda rooted for Hector over Lyn, but I’m glad to see Elibe get such high praise at this point. Elibe games haven’t had much love from Nintendo in a long time.

      • Bathroomdisaster

        FE6 in particular is getting quite a bit of love considering the many FE6 units that will be available at the beginning.

  • Bathroomdisaster

    Ugh, Lyn. Sorry but I never liked her so the fact that she’s leading the ballot kinda angers me. Not surprised about the other 2, though.

    • I’m honestly asking this, why don’t you like her?

      • Bathroomdisaster

        Well, excuse me for having different tastes. If anything, really bad experiences with her dying to axe users, super crap defenses and her ending if she doesn’t marry Eliwood or Hector thus erasing any trace of Caelin in FE6 although that part can be understood due to the fact that she didn’t exist in FE6. Tutorial “lord” who held your hand though her entire tutorial, err…story. I’ve been very wary of Myrmidons and speedy units ever since.

        • Wow. I ask an honest question, because I’m genuinely curious whenever someone has an unusual opinion, and you decide to be rude. By replying in such a crabbyway, you’re only encoiraging people to bite your head off whenever you state said unusual opinion.

          • Bathroomdisaster

            My bad but the classes in general (Myrmidon/Samurai/Swordmaster) have let such a bad impression on me that I can hardly find anything good about them. “Encouraging people to bite my head off”? Like I care. I simply stated my opinion on the matter. It comes off a harsh and rude but it’s how I feel.

        • Yousuke

          How the hell did your Lyn die to axe users? I mean, she’s not exactly up there on my list either (I’ve only been voting for FE4 characters haha), but seriously, I remember the weapon triangle being good in the GBA games.

          • Basically, her defenses are bad enough that even one hit is usually enough to slaughter her if she’s taken even one other hit the entire level, and knowing how much RNGs secretly hate our guts it’s quite plausible that at least one player has had Lyn get wiped by an unlucky shot – I lost Ogma my first Shadow Dragon playthrough to three consecutive axe hits that were all under 20% Hit Chance, so it’s believable.

          • Bathroomdisaster

            “How?” Have you heard about the RNG? I’ve seen Myrmidons/Samuraiget hit and dying to axe users a lot to the point I even question the weapon triangle at times. Lyn in particular even died in the prologue once. For her I’d always just have her counter or having her attack and have a healer nearby. Hana and Hinata from Fates kept proving me right to dislike the class in general as they kept getting hit by maces and axes.

  • Yessss! Lyn! I’ve been voting for her all the days. I truthfully didn’t expect her to be the top though.

  • Zara

    I’m all for Lyn, as I love Swordmasters (except where they were butchered in Awakening), and was super glad to have a Swordmaster Lord, but I would have preferred to have a non-Lord in the top 3 just to see the love (can we get some Nephenee love up in here?!?!)

    • Lenka Utsuki

      While I’m personally voting for Cordelia, Nephenee would be next on my list, so you have my moral support!

    • AuronZanark

      I’d advise that they should vote for Ayra, the first Swordmaster. She’s the first on my list. She was at a time before Swordmasters were butchered. Compared to Lyn, she’s pure nostalgia. I agree that I’d rather have a non-Lord as number 1.

  • Alexander Bodine

    Lyn’s at the top, and so is Ike! Yes!

  • CombatMagi

    That’s cool I really like all 3 of the leaders but I also saw this coming its going to be very hard for some characters to make the list because they may not be central enough. I wouldn’t be surprised if only like Tiki or Tharja were the only non “lord” character on the list.

  • AGH
    …This makes things difficult. I may have to take more drastic measures – like using my iPod, my brother’s iPod, my mother’s phone, both our home comps, my dad’s laptop, and my grandmother’s comp every day for votes.
    Haha, probably not. In all realness, though, I was hoping for like, a Whitewing sister or something instead of just Smash people. Guess I’d better consolidate what votes I’ve got left for Roy…meh. Whatever. I’m splitting mine between two of Roy, Idenn, Limstella, and Palla for anyone who wants to lend a hand.

  • Gug

    Why isn’t Caeldori on there dang it!

  • DrRiceboy

    surprised lyn over marth 😮

    • I think everyone’s kind of tired of Marth by now, plus we have lady Marth so it’s possible some of the male FE players who may have voted for Marth instead chose Lucina.

  • Lenka Utsuki

    Wow I’m shocked at this. I knew Ike would be up there but Lyn and Lucina? They’ve already been in the trailer as in the game characters *shrugs* People vote for what they like though.

    • I think Nintendo plans to release almost if not all characters from each game as characters at some point or other. If you notice up above it says they’ll be given special costumes for the event, so it’s possible that everyone wants to see what kind of exclusive costumes either of those two will get – would Lucina get Masked Lucina as her exclusive, or perhaps her Yukata from the Hot Spring Scramble? What would they do for Lyn? I know I’m interested in seeing these “special Choose Your Legends costumes” particularly on characters that don’t see much love otherwise, like Palla, Idenn, or Limstella, but in the end, I’ll still fight for Roy.

      • Lenka Utsuki

        Yeah, I’d figured they’d get special art, which I know people would love for their favorite character, but my logic is if they’re already in the game, then vote for one who isn’t confirmed yet (like me and Cordelia)

          …There goes tomorrow’s vote. I was going to just vote for Roy, but then I remembered Idenn, then Limstella, then Palla, now Cordelia, probably remember somebody else I want by tomorrow, so meh.

  • Saint_Stahn

    Hopefully Ike wins by techincality, or at least 2nd place. Isn’t anyone voting for Radiant Dawn Ike? and Will the votes merge or will both Ike’s be treated as different characters?

    • Leif

      This is what I want to know. Both my wife and I have spent all our votes thus far on RD Ike, so I would hope they are combining, but it seems not. I actually get tired of young Ike being pushed over the mature, literally cannot lose, true bad-A Ike.

      • Since both young and old Tiki are included as separate characters, it’s likely that Ike will receive the same treatment.

      • Saint_Stahn

        Radiant Dawn is pretty cool since its Ike’s character coming full circle. but… I dunno, a lot of votes where thrown in on Radiant Dawn ike at this point. might as well keep going. though i do recommend switching Ike for path of radiance. HE IS at 3rd place already.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    I expected Lucina to be #1 but seeing Lyn is equally disappointing for me. What about L’Arachel? Minerva? Tharja? Marisa? Micaiah? I dunno, I feel like there are other women in FE that would be more deserving than a character who we’ve already seen in the promo’s/trailer.

    • Lenka Utsuki

      Minerva has been confirmed along with Tharja as both were in the trailer. Micaiah is likely I think since she’s a lord, La’rachel could be possible since healers are in the game (Wyrs in the gameplay trailer and Lissa in the opening, I also noticed Sakura in the background when they showed a lot of characters, she’s on the far left in the back) Marisa I would like to see but who knows tbh.

      • Micaiah is the Lord equivalent in Radiant Dawn, and thusly has Main Character status, which pretty much guarantees her inclusion. As for the others, there’s really no reason to believe Nintendo won’t at least try to add every character they can to get as many people as possible into this game because more players means more people to go buy the Orbs that probably won’t be all that common through regular gameplay.

        • NintendoPSXTheSecond

          Not to be “that guy” even though typing this will make me that regardless, Nintendo is not the one making this game. If my information is correct it’s DeNA.

          • Oh, really? I didn’t know that. I do still think the idea of adding every character they can to get as many people buying those Orbs as possible is still relevant, that just means who will Nintendo allow them to have instead of who will Nintendo choose to add.

      • NintendoPSXTheSecond

        Well it’s not like it matters much anyways since they’d just be special launch versions/cosmetics of the winning 2 genders. Still, I’d like to see people voting towards characters not seen on the covers ya know?

        • Lenka Utsuki

          yeah that was my logic, for example we haven’t seen Cordelia and I’ve been voting for her

  • Jonas

    Hector >>>>> Lyn in that game! There are a lot of better characters in the whole franchise, but people still voting for the main characters. Lyn badass swordmaster? naaah the definition of a badass swordmaster is Karel.

    • Aaron S.

      Nah Fir

      • Stranger

        Nah’s not even a swordmaster.

  • Dank Wanker

    B-But my Boy

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