Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Direct Coverage: Details and Reveals

It finally happened, folks! We got our own 20+ minute Nintendo Direct geared specifically towards Fire Emblem! If you didn’t get the chance to see it, check it out here.


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Opening with a beautiful score of the classic Fire Emblem theme, Yuri Lowenthal (popular Voice Actor for FE Fates) narrates us through the Direct.

We’re initially greeted with a translated Fire Emblem Gaiden (The second installment in the series), featuring a translated (via Subtitles) introduction of the series. The upcoming game is titled Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia.

This game introduced us to lords Alm and Celica, and pioneered many elements that current Fire Emblems today even refer to, such as reclassing and skirmishes. It reimagines Gaiden on a much more beautiful scale. Studio Khara is taking over the animation of cutscenes, introducing a fantastic display of western animation. We’re also given back overworld travel, and even dungeon exploration before entering battle in some scenarios.

Joining this game’s release will be two new amiibo, Celica and Alm.


The game is set to release on 3DS and will be available in stores as of May 19, 2017 in the US, and April 20 in Japan.

For a bit more Gaiden love, Cipher Fans have something to celebrate! Fans of Fire Emblem Cipher will see a release a new set dedicated to the Gaiden cast, in their season 9 set.

This set will be available in June of this year.

Also covered was the recently revealed Fire Emblem Warriors, Koei Tecmo’s latest announcement for the Nintendo switch.

Fire Emblem Warriors received a brief introduction. The shown scenes features playable Chrom, with an extremely flashy moveset, as expected from the makers of the Warriors franchise. It will be released Fall 2017, for both Nintendo Switch and New 3DSXL. in all regions.

Additionally, Nintendo Switch also covers its next release on the Nintendo Switch, with plans to take full advantage in 2018 with a new unnamed title. No information is covered, but it will be a new game, and the last game released on a home console since Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn for the Wii.

Last among the covered topics included was the long anticipated Fire Emblem Mobile, now dubbed Fire Emblem Heroes. 

Fire Emblem Heroes gets coverage, withan all new cast using lances, swords and…guns? Xander and Lucina appear, along with Chrom, Camilla, Hinoka, Takumi and Lissa, jumping into an impressive looking battle cutscene, as well as a few new faces. Yusuke Kozaki, among other artists, return to cover artwork for old and new characters alike.


The game is a scaled down 8 x 6 grid, featuring a scaled down for size map to move on and engage battle through with up to 4 units. The mechanics look largely similar to most installments, including terrain handling, and a surprisingly yet expected visit from many returning characters from the many games in the franchise. The Weapon Triangle mimics the Fire Emblem Fates triangle, including magic over weaponry in battle.

Microtransactions will exist for “Orbs”, which you can use to exchange for alternative units to join your army. You can earn these through gameplay or by purchasing them with real world currency. More details on everything Fire Emblem Heroes related can be found on their Official website.

There will be various ways to play, including an Arena and Training Tower, as well as a progressive story to complete. Stats and Skills can be applied freely by dedicating items to them.

A full analysis of the trailers for the upcoming Fire Emblem Echoes and Fire Emblem Heroes will be coming soon!

And finally, to tag along with your Mobile fun, Nintendo is releasing a new set of Line stickers for the messenger App.

Fire Emblem Heroes will be available worldwide on February 2 on Google Play, and for iOS soon after. Also, you can vote for heroes to have included in special events coming soon. Visit to join the contest and vote for your favorite two!


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  • KoriCongo

    Would it be 16 [unnamed]? Echoes would be 15.

    • Chris Offner

      That’s an incredibly valid point. I’ll update that. Thanks!

  • chris123sm

    What a time to be an FE fan; 3 FE games this year with a main one next year. The Gaiden remake is definitely hype tho, will kind of show newer players what the series was like back in the day, and allows vets to experience Gaiden again but remastered. Great year for Fire Emblem.

  • Calvin Zoo

    VERY excited for the gaiden remake; never played it so it’s pretty much a “new” main-line FE game to me =3

  • Man idk about this, kinda disappointed in how it all turned out. Echoes has potential but I was never that big of a fan of Gaiden in the first place. Hopefully it will change my mind in due time.

  • Pablo Martinez

    Voting for Seliph in the webpage, we need to show Nintendo that we love Genealogy of the Holy War.

  • Kotg Everest

    Well, i didnt feel insulted, so its alright.
    Echoes seems promissing, Warriors still meh, cant wait to see the new game, and Heroes looks just sweet.
    Sad no american release of Cyper be mentioned…

  • Dark Kain

    20 minutes of genuine Major IP treatment for 4 games.
    The Gaiden remake is so unexpected that now I’m seriously going to hope for a Jugdral remake too.
    The mobile game aknowledge the existence of the entire saga, granting the ability to vote any character from any game in the prerelease event.

    This is a great era to be a Fire Emblem fan.

  • Tom J.

    8×6 grid? That might’ve flown on old 2007-era dumbphones or Palm devices, but c’mon. Phantom of the Kill was a mess in a lot of ways, but it looked like a better adaptation of the 3DS FE style to smartphones than Heroes. Not all mobile games need to be dumbed down to two-minute affairs.

    Gaiden remake is unexpected, but I enjoyed the original (despite the buggy translation) and it’d be hard to do worse than Fates.

  • The Rarest Pepe

    they Did That… nintendo goin in and announcing 4 games within 20 minutes……. i’m not ready for this (gaiden remake is coming a day after my birthday !!!!)

  • An Tran

    Heroes looks adorable so I’ll download that and maybe play it once in a while. A Gaiden remake is really interesting, but if it just plays like another Awakening/Farts, I’m skipping it.

    • Ember Hermin

      A game: *is announced, with literally no information as to the contents of it*
      You: There is absolutely no chance I will like this thing that I know utterly nothing about

      …Do they pay this fanbase to be this negative?

  • Sean Delaney

    Jugdral is going to become the new Hoenn and Majora’s Mask.

  • Ian H. Mellett

    It’ll be good to properly get to play through Gaiden. It’s probably the game that needed a remake the most out of every game in the series (since FE1 at least you could play FE3 Book 1 before Shadow Dragon came out). I’m also liking the art style for the game, seems like it’d be a good one for FE to stick with for a while.

    FE Warriors I really wanted to hear more news about, but upon further reflection, this is about the same amount as we had for Hyrule Warriors at the start, so I shouldn’t complain too much, you’ll probably get bits about it throughout the coming months up to its release.

    FE Heroes I’m not personally interested in a game, but it representing FE as a whole gives me hope for FE Warriors, and we have English names for every playable character, some NPC’s, and subtitles that we didn’t get. They even acknowledged FE7’s subtitle for once!

  • Just Some Guy

    Everything looked good except the mobile game.

    They’re all just the same drivel.