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Echoes: New (English) Screenshots + Music Samples

Not long after opening pre-orders for the Japanese “Valentia Complete” edition of Fire Emblem Echoes, Nintendo posted an article discussing this luxurious product.

The biggest highlight of the article is the chance to sample four tracks from the “Sound Selection Echoes” soundtrack CD, which is included in both the Valentia Complete and the Limited Edition.

The samples feature the original music from Gaiden (the game that Echoes is based on) alongside the newly arranged versions from Echoes.

Battle 1 (Player Side) [Gaiden]

Fearless White Blade [Echoes]

World Map Ch. 2 (Celica’s Journey) [Gaiden]

Radiant Ark [Echoes]

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Echoes: Japanese Pre-orders for Valentia Complete Now Open

Those of you in Japan (or who have a contact living there etc.) can now pre-order the Valentia Complete edition of Fire Emblem Echoes, which is sold exclusively from the official My Nintendo Store.

As we reported earlier, pre-orders were originally meant to start from 27th January 2017, but were later delayed due to overwhelming activity during the launch of the My Nintendo Store.

To make amends, Nintendo has promised that everyone who pre-orders the Valentia Complete between now and 16th February 2017 at 13:00 (Japan time) is guaranteed to receive a copy.

However, while Nintendo has prepared a lot of stock, should the initial stock run out, buyers may have to wait until after the game’s 20th April 2017 release to receive their Valentia Complete. But better late than never, right?

Anyway, below you can find details of the Valentia Complete and the other editions available from the store.

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Echoes: Valentia Complete / Heroes: New Character Trailer

It’s only been a day, but we have some more minor updates that we’d like to bring to your attention.

For those wishing to pre-order the the Japanese Fire Emblem Echoes Valentia Complete edition from the My Nintendo Store on 27th February 2017, there has been a change in plans.

Due to the “unexpected” amount of traffic during the launch of the My Nintendo Store, which resulted in the website crashing to a halt, Nintendo has promised to make amends, starting with the upcoming Valentia Complete.

Initially meant to be a “limited quantity” item, the Valentia Complete will now be available to everyone who pre-orders during the specified period. However, to accommodate this change, the starting date for pre-orders has been delayed until further notice.

Note: The final release date for the product has not changed.

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Echoes and Heroes Mini Updates

It’s almost been a whole week since the epic Fire Emblem Direct and we have a few minor updates and reminders for you.

Firstly, as we mentioned at the end of our trailer analysis for Fire Emblem Echoes, it was announced that Japan would be getting two special editions.

The second and larger of of these–the luxurious Valentia Complete will only be available from the recently opened My Nintendo Store. More precisely, pre-orders will open on 27th January 2017.

Knowing Nintendo’s inability to keep things properly stocked and the rising emergence of scalpers, you’ll need nothing short of Mila’s divine blessing to safely secure a pre-order.

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