Heroes & Echoes: Rite of Shadows Banner Revealed + Free Echoes DLC!

Nintendo Mobile’s YouTube channel just released a new trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes! The trailer reveals the new characters that will be available in next week’s new banner: Rite of Shadows. It also gives a sneak peak at the accompanying Story Mode chapters. Check it out below! The new banner and chapters will go live on 15 May at 8:00am UTC.

As expected, the banner will focus on characters from Fire Emblem Echoes, this time from Celica’s army. The four new heroes are Celica, Boey, Mae, and Genny, three tome-users and one staff-user. Each comes with at least one new weapon or skill, as well. Detailed descriptions can be found below.

Additionally, @FireEmblemJP announced a surprise gift today for Echoes players! As a celebration of tomorrow’s Fire Emblem Cipher livestream, “Gift from the Goddess 4” can now be downloaded for free on Japanese copies of the game. The DLC includes a Villager’s Fork item, which allows you to reclass non-Lord units into Villagers.

The Cipher livestream will include some further information about the Cipher collaboration DLC that will be available for Echoes. In addition to the datamined crossover DLC featuring the Cipher mascot characters, some DLC will also be included as a bonus in the Series 9 structured deck, which features cards of Echoes characters.

Rite of Shadows Character Skills

Celica comes armed with Ragnarok, a new, powerful red-type tome. Its HP-loss side effect references the magic mechanics in Echoes. She also has a new A passive skill called Distant Def 3 that grants her a Def/Res bonus if attacked by a bow, dagger, tome, or staff. Her other skills are Blazing Light and Spur Def.

Boey is a green-tome magic user and also starts with a new weapon: Gronnowl+. The weapon boosts the user’s Atk/Spd/Def/Res based on the number of allied adjacent units. His new A passive skill, Earth Boost 3, gives him a Def bonus if he has more HP than his enemy. He also comes with Ignis and Renewal.

Mae is included as a blue-tome user to balance out the other magic users of this banner. She comes quipped with Blárowl+, the blue-tome version of Boey’s new weapon. She also has B Tome Exp 3 in her C slot that gives an experience boost to any blue-tome users on the team. Her remaining skills are Draw Back and Desperation.

Rounding out the team is Genny, a staff-user. She comes equipped with Gravity as her attacking skill, Physic as her healing skill, and Heavenly Light as her special. Her B skill is a new skill called Wrathful Staff 3 that removes the attacking penalties for staves.


About the Author: Kirie
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  • MetalGear Lamia

    I know Celica is a magic Lord but I’m shocked they never use her unique sword in echoes I guess she have it in FE Warriors with her multi magic still she is definitely powerful from what it looks like glad I save my orbs! also I’m shocked no Saber, Valbar or even that new character didn’t show but oh well.

    • mrkisukes

      It makes sense with Alm’s banner having no magic users that Celica’s banner would balance things out with all magic users.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    I know Celica is a magic Lord but I’m shocked they never use her unique sword in echoes I guess she have it in FE Warriors with her multi magic still she is definitely powerful from what it looks like glad I save my orbs! also I’m shocked no Saber, Valbar or even that new character didn’t show but oh well also hilarious that Valentia characters are using Tomes yeah its to keep the balance of Heroes weapons but still funny to me!

    • BladeLord Lyn

      Yeah Celica definitely is the one I’m looking forward too as well! Plus to that guy of course there wouldn’t be magic users in Alms early group until Luthier and Delthea this was obvious though its weird Celica didn’t have her new sword here even as a primary magic Lord oh well its gonna be in Warriors anyway!

  • O.H. X-1990

    What’s this? Celica is a magic user and not a sword user like Alm? Well, I guess it make sense since she uses magic for fighting. Also, they added one guy and yet another girl, making the total of 3 girls and one guy in this new banner. I’m gonna take a wild guess that the new story chapter and the new banner will be added after the banner of Ike and the others from “Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance” ends, right?

    • BladeLord Lyn

      Probably we’ll see soon.

  • Laggalot101

    What I wrote earlier on Youtube:

    So a lot off interesting new skills.

    Ragnarok is a legendary weapon which is always great. Can’t argue with 14 Might on a tome. +5Atk/Spd if she enters battle at full HP. That could make Celica super deadly in the first combat she enters (depending on her stat spread), provided it’s not her getting attacked by a close-range unit. The penalty is also a cool nod to the way spells in Gaiden/SoV drain the user’s HP, and simultaneously keeps the bonus of Ragnarok relatively in check. OBVIOUSLY encourages healing support. Distant Defense should make her very difficult to kill at range as well. That said, I think this will be an extremely popular inheritance skill.

    Owl tomes looks like they’ll pack a lot of potential, but require tight positioning, which sounds difficult. Potentially powerful, but I think the difficulty in using them will not make them particularly popular. Also great potential to be EXTREMELY annoying in missions with a lot of enemy units clustered together. Dunno about Earth Boost, though. The presence of this skill on Boey suggests he’ll come with a lot of HP, and it probably also makes him rather difficult to efficiently, but to be honest, I don’t really see this skill doing very much.

    Nothing particularly new for Mae, there’s another Owl tome and also the next EXP skill, this time for Blue Tomes. Still, Draw Back is always a good support skill to have, and Desperation implies Mae will be fast. Fast tome users are always a good thing.

    Lastly, Wrathful Staff. Now, if you’ve been keeping up with FE Heroes meta, staff wielders aren’t exactly popular, mainly because of the fact they are almost completely helpless in combat. If there is ever going to be a skill with the potential to change that, it’s this one. Staff damage is normally cut straight in half, but with this skill, that is the case no longer. Very excited to see if this will actually make staves combat-viable at all.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Well, these are just some new heroes that this game won’t let me summon! If I can’t summon Alm, then how can I summon Celica?! This game hates me now…

    • Rockocalypse

      You haven’t even tried yet. If one failure was indicative of all other failures, nobody would have ever succeeded in anything. Since everyone fails something once at sometime.

  • Paulo Cesar

    Don’t want summon Mae or Celica.
    Nintendo logic have you guys ever heard?

  • All I want is Distant Defence on my Zephiel.