Heroes: Fjorm: Princess of Ice Introductory Video + Legendary Heroes & Maintenance Reminder

Nintendo Mobile has posted a new Fire Emblem Heroes video! This video formally introduces the new Heroes original character Fjorm: Princess of Ice. Check it out below!

Fjorm looks to be a very powerful new hero. You can take a look at a full breakdown of her skills and abilities below. She will be available in the new Legendary Hero summoning event that starts tomorrow! The end of the video also includes an interesting bit of text regarding Fjorm and future Legendary Hero events…

Fjorm: Princess of Ice will only be available to summon during Legendary Hero summoning events. The next time she is planned to be available is around the end of December.

So, it looks like we may get a new Legendary Hero summoning event around New Years! These will likely become recurring events. More heroes limited to these events will almost certainly arrive in the future. Regardless, you can look forward to another special summoning event in a little over a month.

Our first Legendary Hero summoning event starts in a little under 24 hours at 7:00am UTC on 28 November. It will end on 4 December at 6:59am UTC. In addition to Fjorm, the banner includes several more powerful 5★ heroes at a base summoning rate of 8%! These are the only 5★ heroes that will be available to summon in this banner.

As a reminder, Heroes maintenance will be going into effect later today, in preparation for the upcoming Version 2.0 update. It will start at 11:00pm UTC tonight, in around 15.5 hours, and is scheduled to last around five hours. For a preview of all the cool stuff that will come out with the new update, check out our earlier article.

Fjorm: Princess of Ice
  • Leiptr (Lance, Mt: 16): Unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range.
  • Ice Mirror (Special, cooldown 2): Reduces damage unit takes from foes 2 spaces away by 30%. If Special triggers, boosts unit’s next attack by total damage was reduced (by any source, including other skills). Resets at end of combat. (Skill cannot be inherited.)
  • Atk/Def Bond (A slot): Grants Atk/Def+5 during combat if unit is adjacent to an ally.
  • Shield Pulse 3 (B slot): If unit’s Special triggers based on a foe’s attack, Special cooldown count -2 at start of turn 1. Unit takes 5 less damage when Special triggers.
  • Drive Atk 2 (C slot): Grants allies within 2 spaces Atk+3 during combat.
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