Heroes: Version 2.9 Update Notification

Get ready for another update to Fire Emblem Heroes! The Version 2.9 Update Notification brings word of some exciting new gameplay modes and other changes.

Two of these changes include new Relay Defense maps and Combat Manuals. We also get some new Weapon Refinery updates and some other small enhancements. Read on below for more details.

This update is expected to go live in early September. Based on the details given, we can tell it will arrive no later than 8 September.

Relay Defense Maps

Relay Defense maps are a new type of map that will be available in the Special Maps menu. They will occasionally take the place of Rival Domains maps. Live Rival Domains, these are large scale maps played with Brigades, but they’re more defensive in nature.

You’ll need to defend your territory for eight turns. Every two turns, your remaining active heroes will be swapped out for other heroes in your Brigade in batches of five, so you’ll need to have a large, strong brigade to win. You earn points based on Defeated Enemies, Surviving Heroes, Camp Defense, and Fortress Defense.

Since Relay Defense maps will occupy the same slot as Rival Domains maps, they go live at the same time, daily reset on Saturday. When Relay Defense maps are active, they will last for two weeks instead of the usual one week for Rival Domains.

The first Relay Defense map will be available on 8 September.

Combat Manuals

A new option to “Manage Barracks” will soon be available in the Allies menu. Most of the options within the menu will deal with a new mechanic: Combat Manuals. The Send Home button will also be moved to this new menu.

Combat Manuals allow you to effective store a hero for later skill inheritance or merging. This will enable Heroes players to free up space in their Barracks while still keeping access to plenty of skill inheritance or merge opportunities from excess heroes. Stored Skill Manuals look like their hero counterparts, but with a book icon in the upper left.

Additionally, the game will prioritize using Skill Manuals for inheritance instead of full heroes.

Weapon Refinery Updates

Three heroes will be getting weapon upgrades in the new update: Odin, Cherche, and Celica.

Odin and Cherche will each be getting their own unique weapon, Odin’s Grimoire and Cherche’s Axe respectively. Both weapons will be able to be further refined once learned. Additionally, Celica’s Ragnarok tome will be able to be upgraded further.

We don’t yet know the details of these upgrades, but we’ll learn them once the new update is available.

Other Updates

There are also a few other, smaller changes and enhancements coming to Heroes with the new version update:

  • The current Blessing Season will appear on the Edit Teams screen
  • You’ll be able to flip the horizontal rotation for Tap Battle so that your allies can appear on the right and foes from the left.
  • There will be a setting added to the UI for Primary and Reserve teams for multiple team battles, such as Tempest Trials or Arena Assault.
  • There will be a warning added to Grand Conquests when battles are 10 minutes away from ending.
  • New Friend Requests will appear at the top of the list instead of at the bottom.
  • On Android, tapping the back icon during battle will open the Battle menu.
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • mrkisukes

    I literally just finished my current +10 unit and was going to make Odin my next project…for the memes…this is some perfect timing. I’m pretty sure his weapon is going to likely be a slayer tome like it is in Fates, then as a refinement I hope it has some effect that increases his damage proportionate to his opponent’s Atk…cause that 22 neutral Atk aint’ doin’ him any favors.

  • Kurono

    That Combat Manuals thing sounds pretty good, actually it can save some characters from the curse of the Tempest Trials, where the only reason to get some of those characters are for skill inheritance, yeah, there are some their skills suc*s, but i think it can save a few, i don’t wanna see another Canas situation anymore.
    For Odin refine, i expect a sh*tty one.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Combat Manuals is a interesting concept, but it’s more useful for skill inheritance than merges. It will be useful for merges if we will be able to promote a 4* unit’s Combat Manual to a 5* unit’s Combat Manual. For skill inheritance it’s great. Now I can open more space in my barracks.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    In the forums, the user “Ice Dragon” mentioned that Combat Manuals is a great solution for merges to the Askr’s Trio, Tempest Trial units and Grand Hero Battle’s units. I hope this is true.

  • This definitely opens up the possibility of a skill or unit shop of sorts.

  • Broba Fett

    That is definitely Helswath, nice try though IS on that “Cherche’s axe” crap