Japanese Merchandise for March 2019

In what is starting to become a routine, Intelligent Systems has announced the next wave of Fire Emblem merchandise scheduled for March 2019.

As you can probably tell from the promotional image, this merchandise is intended for Japanese audiences, but there’s nothing to stop you from importing from places like AmiAmi and CDJapan.

This time, there’s slightly less on offer: 3 types of merchandise versus 4 in previous months. We’re not sure if this is a sign that they’re slowing down or if they simply want to give collectors a short break. Chances are we’ll find out soon enough!

Masking Tape – 800 Yen (excl. tax)

The first exhibit is a set of two Binding Blade decorative tapes, featuring portraits of popular(?) characters and the overhead map. As the example shows, you can overlay the second design to create your own maps. Each tape measures 10 m when fully extended.

Clear File – 350 Yen each (excl. tax)

These are fancy A4 translucent file holders that can be found in many a collector’s home. There are two designs this month: Leo, Niles and Odin plus Takumi, Hinata and Oboro. Like last month, the theme is masters and vassals.

By the way, the artworks of the retainers previously debuted in the Fates drama CDs. If you are wondering where the rest of the artwork is, they’ll probably be included in the upcoming but currently undated Fates artbook.

Cushion – 3,800 Yen each (excl. tax)

Finally, we arrive at this month’s surprise product: character cushions featuring Ike from Radiant Dawn, Lucina from Awakening and Leo from Fates. These cushions measure 340 x 340 mm and would probably look perfect on any sofa!

April 2019 marks the series’s 29th anniversary, so maybe there will be more merchandise than usual during that month. Going by the recent schedule of announcements, hopefully we’ll learn more in 2 or so week’s time.

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