Heroes: Event Calendar for August & September

If you’ve been waiting for news on upcoming events, Heroes has you covered. The Event Calendar for August & September is now available! Check it out below. You can also hit the “Read More” button at the bottom for a full text breakdown.

We have a lot of exciting things coming up soon, including a GHB for the Death Knight, the new Lost Lore event, and a likely CYL3 Banner on the 16th! It looks like the next Tempest Trials event might be based on Brave Heroes as well. The very last thing listed on the calendar is a new batch of Special Heroes coming out 6 September.

Furthermore, the Feh Summer Celebration keeps on rolling! Today, Feh gives us a rerun of the Heroes with Stance Skills banner, featuring Shiro, F!Morgan, and Zelgius. The Saias GHB also makes a triumphant return. The banner will be here for just 24 hours, while Saias will be here for a full two days.

Last up is a new Tactics Drills featuring some new Three Houses heroes. Do your best to complete it!

Event Calendar for August & September
Week of 4~10 August
  • Special Heroes Revival: Festival in Hoshido – 9 Aug
Week of 11~17 August
  • Grand Hero Battle: Death Knight: The Reaper – 12 Aug
  • Lost Lore – 13 August
  • Summoning Focus: New Power – 14 Aug
    • Available Heroes: Beruka, Boey, Mae, Selena
  • Summoning Focus: Tempest Trials+ & Log-In Bonus – 15 Aug
  • New Heroes Summoning Event & Log-In Bonus – 16 Aug
  • Tempest Trials+ – 17 Aug
Week of 18~24 August
  • Summoning Focus: Heroes with Solo Skills – 20 Aug
    • Available Heroes: Fallen F!Corrin, Hilda, Yarne, Edelgard, Flora, Lethe
  • Bound Hero Battle Revival: Elncia & Nephenee – 21 Aug
  • Røkkr Sieges – 23 Aug
  • Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon – 24 Aug
Week of 25~31 August
  • Voting Gauntlet Log-In Bonus (and maybe Banner?) – 25 Aug
  • Allegiance Battles Quests – 26 Aug
  • Legendary Hero Summoning Event & Battle – 28 Aug
  • Voting Gauntlet – 29 Aug
  • Bound Hero Battle & Summoning Focus: Jeorge & Gorgin – 31 Aug
Week of 1~7 September
  • Summoning Focus: Heroes with Desperation – 1 Sep
    • Available Heroes: Ayra, Tome Eirika, Karel, Mae, Brave Roy, Shanna
  • Armored Strike Quests – 4 Sep
  • Special Heroes Summoning Event & Log-In Bonus – 6 Sep
  • Special Orb Promo: September Edition – 6 Sep
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