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Fire Emblem 2022 Retrospective

As 2022 approaches the end, here’s a look back at some key Fire Emblem events that happened this year.

I’m unsure how many people noticed, but I ended up skipping the retrospective for 2021 because not a lot happened that year. Thankfully 2022 was a lot more eventful!

To begin with, a scale figure of female Byleth from the 2019-released Three Houses was revealed in mid-January. This wouldn’t be the only new piece of Three Houses merchandise, by far.

Next, during early February, the annual Choose Your Legends vote was held for FE Heroes.

The winners were Chrom and Tiki from Awakening, followed by Seliph from Genealogy and, funnily enough, female Byleth.

Around the same time, a memorial box was announced to celebrate the 5th anniversary of FE Heroes. Wow, has it really been around that long? Hmm, mildly jealous of those who got the Feh plush…

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