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Three Houses: Advanced Classes via the Japanese Website

It’s been a lovely day for Three Houses with the recent news of the game and expansion pass being available to pre-purchase (but not in Europe, why?!), plus the Japanese introduction video and commercials.

Update: The pre-load and expansion pass are now available in Europe!

Around the same time, the Japanese website updated with info for the Advanced classes, which is the 3rd tier of classes (if you count Commoner/Noble as the 0th tier). These are available from Level 20. There might be another tier above this as well…

If you’ve been following Famitsu, you may know we’ve already seen half of the Advanced classes. Still, it’s a good chance to get to know them in a different light. Especially because the website provides stat spreads for all featured classes (but no skill level boosts or abilities).


A combat professional with superior strength and speed.

Recommended: Sword B, Axe C

Note: This class is male-only.


An expert who has reached the pinnacle of swordmanship. They can slice down enemies with their rapid sword strikes.

Recommended: Sword A

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