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Cipher S16 Weekly Recap: Card Reveals, Promo Goodie Images, & Livestream Details!

It’s been another fun week of card reveals for Fire Emblem Cipher! With Series 16 covering so many titles, @fecipher spread the card colours pretty evenly this week. Still, Binding Blade pulled ahead with two big profile reveals: Fae & Sophia!

Fae gets two cards to herself, a Cost 1 and a shiny R foil. Sophia’s cards on the other hand are a bit more interesting. In her SR on the right she’s wielding the legendary tome Apocalypse, placing her in the large joined-art of the set. With Roy in the centre with the Binding Blade and Dieck wielding Armads, we have only six characters to go.

Two of the other reveals of the week, like Fae, show off Cost 1 N cards paired with an R foil. Zelgius comes as the green Tellius representative for the week, and Conrad as the red Echoes representative. Furthermore, Conrad’s foil shown here is actually a special R+ version, signed by his Japanese VA, Takuya Satou!

The final card reveals of the week feature Heroes representatives: Alfonse and Sharena! Both cards take inspiration from their special Spring versions in game. This is notable as seasonal Heroes characters have traditionally been promos, not set cards. Perhaps we’ll see some more seasonal characters with the remaining FEH cards?

In addition to the twitter reveals, we also got some more official site updates recently. Although there’s nothing particularly new or noteworthy in these updates, they do provide some nicer, high quality images of set related promotional goodies.

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Cipher S13 Weekly Recap: Daily Card Reveals & Box Promos!

@fecipher has been busy this week showing off many cards for the upcoming Fire Emblem Cipher Series 13. One of those cards is the very first SR+ card in the set! It features Fjorm of Heroes, shown here with her N card, and signed by her Japanese VA, Rie Takahashi. We also get an SR for Canas from Blazing Sword.

In fact, FE7 scores most of the reveals for this week. In addition to Canas above, we also get two sets of cards for brother and sister Karel and Karla. The siblings each get an unpromoted regular card as well as a promoted R foil card.

Shadow Dragon snags the final card reveal of the week. The gentle cleric Lena gets an R foil card as well as an alternate art R+. The R+ card is notable for featuring both Navarre and Julian in the background.

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