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Heroes: Teaser for Upcoming April 19 Special Heroes

Everybody enjoys a good teaser image, right? Fire Emblem Heroes sure does.

A recent tweet/update by the FEH team reveals two teased images of up-and-coming heroes, with a log-in bonus to boot. According to Feh, the Special heroes seem excited to welcome the warm weather. Fans on Reddit seem psyched for one being Genny. Who do you think these could be?


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Heroes: Easter Event Teased

Today, the official Japanese Fire Emblem Heroes Twitter account teased the arrival of two Fire Emblem “super heroes” on 30th March, just after the current Blazing Shadows summoning focus expires.

While it’s hard to be certain who these heroes are–and fans are sure to enjoy speculating–we do know they’ll be the first to feature “special costumes” (and cutesy ones too).

Judging from the bunny ears and with Easter just over the horizon, it’s likely these heroes will be introduced in some form of special Easter event. In any case, we don’t have long to find out!