Fire Emblem if details, official site, twitter and TCG

As promised, I’ve written up some details for the new trailer, which you can find here.feif-april002Of note, it has been confirmed that Fire Emblem if will be released as two separate versions in Japan–“Fire Emblem if Hoshido” and “Fire Emblem if Nohr”. Furthermore, there will a significant DLC planned after release called the “Third Path”.

Following the Direct, some cool things have popped up: Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem Official Site and Fire Emblem if Official Site. Do give the links a look if you’re interested!

Perhaps lesser known, Nintendo has opened a Fire Emblem Twitter account (Japanese), which will no doubt be a great source of bite-sized news, as well as an official site for the Trading Card Game, dubbed “Fire Emblem Cipher”.

Update: Details from the official site. Can I sleep yet (3 AM)?

Update 2: Media page updated with pictures from Amazon. (OK, sleep time. Nearly 4 AM.)

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