Heroes: Mage Gauntlet Info, Arena Update, & EXP Event in 1.3.0 Update

A new update (1.3.0) is available for Fire Emblem Heroes! It includes some changes to the game, as well as information about the upcoming Voting Gauntlet and an event. Heroes will prompt you to download the update when you open the app.

The first thing you may notice upon logging into the game is a small pop-up featuring Feh, the owl, during loading. These little tips and tricks about the game will now display while loading Heroes.

Once the game has opened, you’ll see that the Hero Fest banners are gone, replaced with two new banners for the upcoming Mage Voting Gauntlet. The two banners feature the eight mages that will be competing in the Gauntlet. Spend your Orbs wisely to try and pull Julia, Linde, Tharja, Sanaki, Henry, Merric, Leo, or Robin!

The Gauntlet itself is scheduled to begin on Friday, 12 May. As previously noted, updates to the Gauntlet rules will give losing heroes a bit of an advantage. Hopefully this will result in more even battles between characters.

Further details about the update can be viewed within the Notification screen. Most importantly, big changes are coming to the Arena. Defensive Terrain maps, originally shown in the recent update video, will be included in the next arena season. Additionally, Bonus Heroes will now double Defense scores, not just Offense scores.

However the biggest changes affect Arena Rewards. Offensive and Defensive scores remain the same, but Rank Rewards will be changing to a tiered system. Click on the image below to view a larger version of the Rewards table.

Rewards will now be awarded based on Tier, rather than rank, and all players will earn a reward. In Tiers 4 and above, you can even earn Orbs in addition to Feathers! At the end of each season, players will be promoted or demoted based on their rank within their specific Tier. You will also only compete with other players in your Tier.

The Arena will re-open with the new rules tomorrow, 9 May at 8:00am UTC. All players will start within whichever Tier they had reached prior to the rule changes. Play your best to earn great rewards and keep moving up the Tiers!

Also within the update are changes to the Eight and Ninth Strata in the Training Tower. Enemy levels and maps at these levels have been adjusted. Additionally, a minor update gives players the capability to sort units by Hero Merit and SP, and also corrects a minor bug regarding “!” not appearing for special maps in certain occasions.

Finally, Heroes is giving players a bit of a boost to celebrate this new update! For a short period of time, players can enjoy earning 1.5x EXP in all battles. The daily Special Log-In Bonus of 2 Orbs has been extended as well.

Both the EXP event and the daily Orbs are scheduled to end on 15 May at 7:59am UTC. This is the same time that the World of Radiance Summoning Event is scheduled to end, so we will likely get a new main banner and events at that time.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor