Heroes: New Sacred Stones Summoning Focus Starts Tomorrow + Legion GHB is Back!

The first The Sacred Stones Summoning Focus in Fire Emblem Heroes starts tomorrow! Entitled The Sacred World, this new banner features four new 5★ heroes: Amelia, Seth, Innes, and Tana. Check them out in the trailer below!

Amelia is a green armored unit that comes with the new Slaying Axe+, an upgraded Killer Axe like the other Slayer weapons. She also has a new C skill, Armor March, that increases movement for adjacent armored units. Her other included skills are Sacred Cowl as a Special and Earth Boost for an A skill.

Seth is a red mounted unit with a new B skill: Seal Atk/Def. Like other dual-seal skills, it seals both of his foe’s stats for -5 each. His equipped weapon is the Ruby Sword+. He also comes with two other skills, Fortress Def in his A slot and Swap as his Assist skill.

Innes is an archer who comes wielding the sacred bow Nidhogg. It has a whopping 14 might and boosts Innes’s stats based on the number of adjacent allies, like the Owl tomes. He also has a new A skill, Fortress Res, that sharply boosts his Res stat but decreases attack. His remaining skills are the Special Iceberg and Cancel Affinity in his B slot.

Tana is a blue flier that also comes with a sacred weapon, the lance Vidofnir. It increases her Def in combat by 7 points if she faces another melee unit. Her new C skill, Guidance, enables infantry and armored allies to move close to her. She also comes with Moonbow for her Special and the dual stat boosting skill Spd/Def 2 in her A slot.

The new banner goes live at 7:00am UTC on August 15th! Additionally, the included heroes are featured in a new Paralogue story to let you earn some Orbs and see the Heroes in action. They’ll also be bonus units for the next arena season, as shared by @FE_Heroes_JP.

Legion’s Grand Hero Battle is also back again, starting today! If you didn’t earn a Legion previously, now is a great time to give his maps a shot. As usual with GHB revivals, you can also complete a series of quests to earn an additional copy of him as well as some more Orbs. Check out the details below!

Legion’s Grand Hero Battle Revival and its associated quests will be available for another a week until 21 August at 6:59am UTC.

Grand Hero Battles (Legion) Quests
Quest Description Reward
Defeat Legion With Alfonse on your team, win the Grand Hero Battle against Legion: Masked Maniac. 1 Orb
Defeat Legion With Legion: Masked Maniac on your team, win the Grand Hero Battle against Legion: Masked Maniac on Lunatic or Harder. 1 Orb
Defeat Legion Defeat a level 40 or higher Legion: Masked Maniac using Alfonse. 3★ Legion
Defeat Legion Defeat a level 40 or higher Legion: Masked Maniac using Legion: Masked Maniac. 1 Orb
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Laggalot101

    Oh boy, alright. The ‘there’s more [insert unit] now than there are Sacred Stones characters’ meme can finally die now.

    Amelia as an armour is interesting. …HOLY CRAP, A NEW ARMOUR!!! (Insert AZ “It’s been 3000 years” meme.) That actually makes her the first *new* Armour since the game launched, that’s kinda crazy. (Zephiel was already in the code.) Anyway, looks like a good skillset. I wonder if Armor March will be the key to success for Armour Emblem, or if sacrificing the stat boosting skills in the process is too much…?

    Seth seems rather basic. Nothing particularly of note here. They’ve been have one unimpressive unit with almost every banner lately. Which made me think they might expand the list of 3-stars at some point. If they do, Seth will among them, I have no doubt.

    Innes could be very interesting and fulfill a unique role. His weapon functions like an Owl tome, which could give him a nice overall stat-boost. What’s really interesting here to me, though, is the emphasis on Resistance. As it stands, we don’t really have an anti-mage Archer beyond Niles, and Niles is… Niles. Given that Archers share the same attack range as Mages, this could make him quite useful… We’ll have to see his stats to say for sure, though.

    And then Tana, hoo boy. Vidofnir sounds quite strong. Swords will be absolutely screwed, that’s for sure. How strong Vidofnir will be will once again be very dependent on Tana’s stats, since it can’t be inherited. Now Guiadance… THAT skill is potentially very scary. A real blessing to Armours, but also quite powerful with Infantry allies. Gonna be very interesting to see how people will use this.

    Oh, and I also really like the art and the voices.

    The Hero Fest banner will end soon, and I’ve already got the TT banner unit I wanted most (without even summoning on that banner), so it’s quite likely I’ll summon on this banner.

    • Sisyphe

      I’m really not confident that Armor March as a C skill will make a difference. Still, I’m glad they made Amelia an armor unit (I always make her a general). She could actually be quite fast for an armor based on her stats in the game. It’s odd to me that with all the Echoes characters, they added kind of redundant units Leon instead of Valbar.

      Odd that Nidhogg doesn’t have 16 might. Tana seems potentially good, I agree, but there’s so much competition for blue fliers and i doubt her defense will be super high. Plus, Guidance is also a C, which leads me to believe it will become inheritance fodder for infantry, maybe dancers.

      I have over 300 orbs, but I still don’t have the Summer Corrin I’m looking for, nor any of the Tempest Trials mages (Or Ninian), so I don’t know if I can pull. I have a good feeling about the fall seasonal banner, and I want to make sure I’ve got some orbs saved up in case Radiant Dawn comes back around

      • DaGamer180

        Ranged legendary weapons have 2 less might than melee legendaries. So this is perfectly normal.

        • Goodperson25

          Well kinda, pretty sure daggers use a different spread.

          • Laggalot101

            Yeah, Daggers have even lower Might than other ranged weapons, to compensate for their ability to drop the target’s stats. Though we only have one legendary dagger at this point in the game, which is Jaffar’s weapon, so that isn’t much of a frame of reference.

          • Sisyphe

            I kind of figured the legendary tomes were weaker because they were magic, but Fujin Yumi is a good point. I never noticed. My original stance was armors need the buffs since I often see them getting blown up by mages, but thinking about how a lot of armor will run Zephiel or Effie with Wary Fighter, I could see extra movement helping them not get picked off.

            I don’t know much about armor buffs (I feel like fortify is more viable because of their base defenses), so I could be off base. I mean, you have to keep them together, but that’s true of most Emblem teams and nobody will want to approach that phalanx anyway.

            I was probably too hasty in my judgment.

      • Laggalot101

        Nidhogg doesn’t have 16 Might because it’s a ranged weapon. Ranged weapons by rule have a lower Might than melee weapons do. Notice how the same holds true for Fujin Yumi, Cymbaline, Aura, Excalibur, etc.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Grand Hero Battle Legion, Infernal mode, the bane of my existence! I am finally gonna have my revenge for humiliating me the first time I fought him! REVENGE!

    And furthermore, it’s about time they added the characters from “Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones”, including the new Paralogue! I was hoping for a new chapter, because I wanted to find out if Bruno is really Zacharias. But nope, that plot twist will have to wait a little longer! Crap!

    • Diovani Estivalet

      I wanted a new main chapter, but it will probably appear with a more recent game. I think the next main chapter can be something like “World of Revelation”, with Fates characters, because the name combine with the events and we have Charlotte as a Bride unit but we do not have her in normal version.

      • O.H. X-1990

        “World of Radiance” is a story chapter based from “Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance”, and it’s not a recent game, yet it became a story chapter. It could be either “World of Revelation” as the next chapter, or maybe the next chapter might be called “Dawn of Radiance”, with the characters from “Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn” such as Micaiah.

        • Diovani Estivalet

          And “World of Shadows”, the first Shadow of Valentia chapter in the game was a Paralogue.

        • Sentinel

          Considering they’ve advertised Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn separately, I think there will be a “World of Dawn” later.

      • Sentinel

        I doubt there will be a “World of Revelation”. No real need to. They pretty seem to be focusing on Conquest and Birthright.

        No reason to put a character like Charlotte in a “World of Revelation” chapter when she can easily be in another World of Conquest chapter.

  • Theroonco


    I have the urge to splurge on this banner solely because it’s Sacred Stones. I hope I can hold out long enough to see how good these units are, but I’d love to make a SS team with the non-Reds and my Eirika while Seth can join my Horse Emblem team if his stats are good.

    This is a good day. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!

    (And man do i really want them all…)

  • Sisyphe

    That Legion battle was traumatic for me. Even with the quests, I’m not sure I want to touch it again…

  • woof

    Nnngghhhhh I waited so long for this banner just for there to not be Joshua

  • Alexander Bodine

    Innes is played by Xander Mobus (Smash Wii U announcer), awesome!

  • MetalGear Lamia

    About freaking time!

  • An Tran

    ARF YES! Finally Amelia is in and I really dig her armored looked. Just looks like an upgraded version of her original armor.
    Personally I would prefer her to be a lance fighter since I always use her as a Super Recruit when available, but I’ll take what I can get.

  • Oh, that’s really nice. Not the units I wanted, but I expected these ones anyway. Unfortunately this means I will have to wait a bit longer for Marisa, but maybe some other of the Grado generals will show up in a GHB.

  • Gabriel Nascimento

    More moviment to armored units?
    Life and Death Swordbreaker Zephiel confirmed

  • PikaChan

    -patiently waits for Joshua-

  • Man, I want the next Tempest Trials to be up against Lyon, and “POwerful Foe” plays in the background for the final map.