Heroes: Preview Trailer for World of Holy War Banner + Sacred Coin Quests!

Prepare for new characters from Genealogy of the Holy War to appear in Fire Emblem Heroes! Nintendo Mobile has just shared a preview trailer for the latest World of Holy War Banner! Check it out here:

Three characters will be appearing as new 5★ heroes in the banner: Sigurd, Deirdre, and Tailtiu. Each of them comes with at least one new weapon or skill. You can read a full listing of all units’ skills and abilities below.

A new paralogue story, also called World of Holy War, also comes out at the same time. A fourth Genealogy character, Ayra, appears in a screenshot of the map. Perhaps she’ll be a reward in an upcoming Tempest Trials?

The World of Holy War Banner and its paralogue will both go live on Monday, 16 October, at 7:00am UTC.

Sacred Coin Quests also available starting today! Defeat foes using different colours and types of units to earn Sacred Coins and Great Badges. Both items are useful to forge and upgrade Sacred Seals in the new Sacred Forge. You can see the full quest listing below.

Additionally, we’ve just entered the final round of The Blood of the Dragons Voting Gauntlet! Ninian and Female Corrin have both advanced to the finals, which will end on Sunday the 15th at 3:59am UTC.

World of Holy War Heroes:
Tailtiu: Thunder Noble
  • Blárblade+ (Blue Tome, Mt 13): Slows Special trigger (cooldown count+1). Adds total bonuses on unit to damage dealt.
  • Rally Speed Res (Assist): Grants Spd/Res+3 to an adjacent ally until the end of the turn.
  • Attack/Res 2 (A slot): Grants Atk/Res+2.
  • Drive Spd 2 (C Slot): Grants allies within 2 spaces Spd+3 during combat.
Deirdre: Lady of the Forest
  • Divine Naga (Green Tome, Mt 14): Effective against dragons. Foe’s bonuses (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.) are nullified during combat.
  • Ardent Sacrifice (Assist): Heals adjacent ally 10 HP. Unit loses 10 HP (but cannot reach 0 this way).
  • Quick Riposte 3 (B slot): Unit automatically makes a follow-up attack if attacked at HP ≥ 70%.
  • Spd Ploy 3 (C slot): At start of turn, all foes in cardinal directions with Res 1 or more lower than unit suffer Spd-5 until the end of foe’s next action.
Sigurd: Holy Knight
  • Diving Tyrfing (Sword, Mt 16): Grants Res+3. If in combat against foe using magic, unit receives 50% less damage from the first attack.
  • Miracle (Special): If HP > 1, survive a lethal attack with 1 HP remaining.
  • Close Def 3 (A slot): If unit is attacked by foe using sword, axe, lance, or dragonstone, unit received Def/Res+6 during combat.
  • Crusader’s Ward (B slot): If unit received consecutive attacks from a foe 2 spaces away, damage from second attack onward reduced by 80%. (Skill cannot be inherited.)
  • Spd Smoke 3 (C slot): After combat, inflicts Spd-7 on foes within 2 spaces of target through their next actions.
Sacred Coins Quests
 Quest Description Reward
KO Foe  Defeat 20 enemies. 10 Sacred Coins
KO Foes w/Red  Use red-type allies to defeat 10 enemies. 10 Sacred Coins
KO Foes w/Blue  Use blue-type allies to defeat 10 enemies. 10 Sacred Coins
KO Foes w/Green  Use green-type allies to defeat 10 enemies. 10 Sacred Coins
KO Foes w/Colorless Use colorless-type allies to defeat 10 enemies. 10 Sacred Coins
KO Foes w/Infantry Use infantry allies to defeat 10 enemies. 20 Scarlet Great Badges
KO Foes w/Armored Use armored allies to defeat 10 enemies. 20 Azure Great Badges
KO Foes w/Cavalry Use cavalry allies to defeat 10 enemies. 20 Verdant Great Badges
KO Foes w/Fliers Use flier allies to defeat 10 enemies. 20 Transparent Great Badges
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • CombatMagi

    Ayra as a TT reward is probably a safe bet. Unless she’s a Naravee archtype than she might be GHB. Also Sigurd’s Combo if he’s getting doubled by magic, I don’t know him though is he one of the slower lords or something to warrant Crusader’s Ward? Brave Ike did with Urvan since his speed is very middle of the road.

    • Fikko3107

      Here’s a comparison of the speed growths of main lords:
      Marth: 50% (FE1 FE3 & FE11), 65% (FE12)
      Alm: 30% (FE2), 45% (FE15)
      Celica: 30% (FE2), 50% (FE15)
      Sigurd: 30%
      Seliph: 35%
      Leif: 45% (FE4), 40% (FE5)
      Roy: 40%
      Lyn: 60%
      Eliwood: 40%
      Hector: 35%
      Eirika: 60%

      Ephraim: 45%
      Ike: 55% (FE9), 35% (FE10)
      Micaiah: 35%
      Chrom: 60%
      (Kris, Robin, Lucina and Corrin are excluded for obvious reasons)

      So yeah, Sigurd leans towards the lower end of the spectrum as far as the speed growths of lords goes. Granted, this is offset by his great bases.

  • Vaximillian

    She is too beautiful. Too beautiful!

  • Sisyphe

    They did a really good job with Deidre’s art. Also, I’m very interested to see Sigurd’s stat spread. They’re clearly trying to make him incredibly tanky, but if he can’t survive Reinhardt and Lyn, it won’t matter

    • It’ll probably be absolute trash, just like the game.

      • Good God, edgelord much?

        • Have you played FE4? His low speed stat is his defining drawback and the one thing preventing him from being a great unit.

          • Goodperson25

            1. Your post is ambiguous (if not entirely grammatically incorrect) it was probably confused for FEH being trash not his stat spread.
            2 Citation freaking needed. While I can see his use being somewhat overhyped, spd is still his 2nd highest stat (growth rates were lower then but he seems pretty decent for 1st gen) and you only need a higher AS (and a skill he has) to double. (Swords also seem the best weapon for regular doubling purposes) And if all you have is your own experience to call on I just have one question, how much FE have you played to think that would fly?

          • 1. Thank you, I have edited it as such.
            2. You are completely and utterly wrong. You were looking at his growth stats without his holy blood included. Major Baldur gives him a +40% in HP, and a +20% in strength, skill, and luck. This leaves his speed at a measly 30% while he has 110% HP, 50% str/skl, and 40% lck/def. I’m questioning on if you played the game or just looked up the stats to try to prove me wrong. I do apologize for the snarkiness, but please don’t call my FE experience into this. It’s much larger than average.

          • it’s funny when people pull the experience card when they’ve probably only played half of the localized games themselves lol

          • Goodperson25

            Or maybe I just use different definitions than you on both decent (my words) and complete trash. (your words) And how could have I just looked up the stats? Besides I was asking for a citation and providing a reason something more in depth was ideal/needed.

          • ???
            You said speed was his 2nd highest, while it’s actually his 6th highest? My citation was his actual growth stats. 30% speed is low, and, as someone else pointed out in the comments, only FE2 NES characters tie that. Heck, even HECTOR has a higher str. growth, and he’s a tank. I honestly don’t belive you’ve played FE4. By chapter 5, he desperately needs Tyrfing to not get doubled, let alone double anything.

          • BlackOwlDog

            I think he was talking about his base spd and honestly 12spd at level 5 seems decent to me. It can easily reach 20 by the endgame. That’s more than enough to double most enemies in Ch.5.

    • Morgan Rodgers

      It sounds like he should at least be able to survive Reinhardt.

  • Took them long enough.

    • Laggalot101

      I find any other translation of her name that I’ve seen just as odd, honestly. And regardless of which it is, I find myself wondering, how the heck does one even pronounce her name?

      • Maybe it’s because English is not my native language (and I’ve heard it for many years already), so I don’t have much trouble with it. I just say it how it’s written; Tilt-you. Not gonna accept her new name though. Just reminds me of Tails from sonic (even though I know it’s based on an Irish deity).

        • Laggalot101

          To me it’s basically the same thing. Having ‘tail’ in the name sounds odd to me, but ’tilt’ does all the same. It just doesn’t sound right to me. (English isn’t my native language either, for that matter.)

          • lol, I suppose. It’s probably just that I’m used to by now, so I don’t think it’s that bad. Been far too long for me to remember how I initially reacted to it, but I find it somewhat pretty at this point.

          • Kneekicker

            To be fair, the names of Jugdral characters are often pretty tough to translate without sounding weird, which is usually a given when said characters are named after old mythological figures that aren’t exactly prevalent in the modern consciousness – Jugdral using some corrupted variants of names like Ferry and Holyn didn’t help matters.

            I think the main issue with Tailtiu’s name is its Irish origins, because many of the names sharing those same origins like Naoise or Midayle sound equally weird in English.

          • That’s probably the case for a majority of people, but since I’m nordic I study texts with names of related heritage to the ones found in the games fairly regularly, so the names are kind of easy to me by now. It may sound a bit odd in English though, but imo that goes for the localization of the names as well.

            As that is the case, I don’t really see the point of changing ‘Tiltyu’ to ‘Tailtiu’, since they’re not going to get a more ‘English’ name by doing so. They might as well go with the retard.

            I’m probably overthinking it though. It’s likely just a preference thing. I just find the non-edited names to be better in general since that’s what I’ve been knowing the characters as for some time.

          • Laggalot101

            It’s not technically a change, though, because “Tiltyu” was never an official translation to begin with. It’s a fan-translation, to my knowledge. Whoever at IS was responsible for officially localizing these names had nothing to do with that.

          • Yeah, that’s true. It’s just disappointing that they went with a worse name imo.

        • King Marth 64

          Tailtiu is an existing name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tailtiu

          • I know that. I even wrote that I knew since earlier that it’s based on what you linked. Doesn’t mean I have to like it, though.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    About time one of my favorite FE game Dierdre looks TOO Perfect and her husband Sigurd and Tailtiu!

  • Shenai

    If his stat spread isn’t terrible Sigurd seems pretty overpowered

  • James Richardson III

    Yes! And Ayra’s here too! If she’s in the next Tempest Trials, then I’m gonna be there.

  • mrkisukes

    Sigurd and Deirdre are the obvious OP picks in this banner, though Tailtiu still seems very powerful with clear indications of being a high Atk/Res build…and comes with the blade tome already built in, it’s like IS knows what people want in their mages…now if only they could make more raven tome candidates to deal with all those annoying Brave Lyns in the arena.

    • Laggalot101

      I wonder how they’re going to differentiate her from the other prominent infantry blue mages, in particular Mae who also has a stat spread focussing strongly on a combination of high Attack and Res. So… what could Tailtiu get? More Res? At the cost of… Speed, maybe? Is she the true blue counterpart to Sanaki and Julia?

  • Divine Tyrfing plus possibly DC could mean Sigurd has the chance to be the best Reinhardt counter, right? I don’t really know much about the world of Reinhardt countering as I don’t ever run into him and don’t need too much info, but from what I’ve heard about him Sigurd looks like they’re trying to make a natural anti-Reinhardt Red Unit.
    EDIT didn’t read his B Slot Skill.

    • Zog58

      Even with his B slot, DC works well for Brave Bows and Reinhardt anyway. I personally think he should take DC if baiting range, or keep CD if tanking melee.

      • Laggalot101

        A problem against is that Sigurd is a red-type, so it seems unlikely he’d be able to KO Reinhardt on the counter, even if he can tank Reinhardt. And with his skillset seemingly hinting at a defensive stat spread, who knows if his Attack and Speed are really all that great?

        • I dunno, I think all he really needs to do is get Reinhardt to waste a turn attacking him instead of killing off one of your other people, so a defensive spread may be the best idea, and if he ends up also dealing a bit of damage back out, hey, great!

        • Zog58

          Yeah that is true. I can see Sigurd having enough Speed to double and enough Def to run bonfire well, though. We just need to see.

          • Laggalot101

            Well I don’t doubt that Sigurd will be fast enough to double Reinhardt, at least, because Reinhardt’s speed is hilariously bad.

      • The edit was because I originally said Deflect Magic, then I read his B Slot and realized wait that’s better.

  • Fallen Crow

    I love all of this art!! I haven’t played the Holy War games, but this makes me want to. Although I won’t be pulling from this banner, I am excited for it.

  • Ale. A. Santi

    And nobody mentions Ira there by the corner :<

  • Mattey

    But why isn’t Ayra a focus hero? Is she just a 4 star unit?

    • O.H. X-1990

      Ayra is probably going to be a Tempest Trial Hero Reward.

  • O.H. X-1990

    Ah yes, Sigurd and Deirdre, the original protagonists of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, and parents of Seliph and Julia. Oh, and there’s Tailtiu, too. And as for Ayra? She’s definitely going to be a Tempest Trial Hero Reward.

    …I’m not gonna get those new Heroes, since this game trolls me with weaker 3-Star Heroes.

  • CaT

    Does Crusader’s Ward stack with the Deflect seals? (same goes for Urvan, now that I think about it)