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Heroes: World of Holy War Summoning Focus Available Now!

Three new characters from Genealogy of the Holy War are now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! The World of Holy War Summoning Focus is now live, containing new 5★ heroes of Sigurd, Deirdre, and Tailtiu. Check out our earlier article for a preview trailer and breakdown of the new heroes’ skills.

A new paralogue, also titled “World of Holy War“, is live as well! If you’ve spent all your Orbs trying to summon the new dancers, these chapters will help bring your supply back up. You can earn nine Orbs for beating each map, and another three Orbs by completing the associated Quests. You can see full quest details below.

In addition to Ayra who appeared in the trailer, another surprising face also appears in the Paralogue story…

In celebration of the new summoning focus, Heroes has also started another Log-In Bonus! You can get up to 13 Orbs just from logging in over 10 days while the banner is live.

The World of Holy War Summoning Focus and its associated quests will be available until 30 October.

Additionally, The Blood of the Dragons Voting Gauntlet came to a close over the weekend. After a long and daunting battle, Ninian from Blazing Sword has emerged victorious! The next long-term Heroes event has yet to be announced, but likely it will be coming soon.

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Heroes: Preview Trailer for World of Holy War Banner + Sacred Coin Quests!

Prepare for new characters from Genealogy of the Holy War to appear in Fire Emblem Heroes! Nintendo Mobile has just shared a preview trailer for the latest World of Holy War Banner! Check it out here:

Three characters will be appearing as new 5★ heroes in the banner: Sigurd, Deirdre, and Tailtiu. Each of them comes with at least one new weapon or skill. You can read a full listing of all units’ skills and abilities below.

A new paralogue story, also called World of Holy War, also comes out at the same time. A fourth Genealogy character, Ayra, appears in a screenshot of the map. Perhaps she’ll be a reward in an upcoming Tempest Trials?

The World of Holy War Banner and its paralogue will both go live on Monday, 16 October, at 7:00am UTC.

Sacred Coin Quests also available starting today! Defeat foes using different colours and types of units to earn Sacred Coins and Great Badges. Both items are useful to forge and upgrade Sacred Seals in the new Sacred Forge. You can see the full quest listing below.

Additionally, we’ve just entered the final round of The Blood of the Dragons Voting Gauntlet! Ninian and Female Corrin have both advanced to the finals, which will end on Sunday the 15th at 3:59am UTC.

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Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Minerva & Maria

A new battle event has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Challenge two sisters from Macedon in Bound Hero Battle: Minerva & Maria. You can also summon focus 5★ versions of Minerva, Maria, and Palla in the associated banner.

As in previous Bound Hero Battles, you can tackle the map in three different difficulties. Beat them all to win up to nine Orbs! Be extra careful, since all four of your heroes must survive the map in order to win.

Bound Hero Battle: Minerva & Maria and its matching banner will be available for about a week until 18 October at 6:59am UTC.

The Blood of the Dragons Voting Gauntlet is also going strong! Round 2 has just started, and it brings some surprising upsets. Do your best to bring your team to glory! You can follow along with all match-ups live on the official site here.

Heroes: The Blood of the Dragons Voting Gauntlet Coming Soon!

We now have details for the next voting gauntlet in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Blood of the Dragons Voting Gauntlet begins on Monday. The gauntlet will pit eight dragon or dragon-descendant characters head-to-head. Check out the bracket below.

The first round will see match-ups of:

  • Young Tiki vs. Male Corrin
  • Fae vs. Ninian
  • Adult Tiki vs. Nowi
  • Female Corrin vs. Sophia

According to the in-game notification screen, there will be some slight changes from previous gauntlets. The update text reads: “Adjustments were made to how the game calculates which armies are stronger and weaker.” It looks like we can expect some tweaks regarding those flag multiplier bonus hours.

Starting today, two banners featuring all eight heroes are also available! The Block A banner contains 5★ versions of Y!Tiki, M!Corrin, Fae, and Ninian. The Block B banner has 5★ versions for the other half, A!Tiki, Nowi, F!Corrin, and Sophia. If you don’t have some of these characters yet, now is the perfect time to summon and train them!

The Blood of the Dragons Voting Gauntlet begins on Monday, 9 October at 7:00am UTC. Each round lasts slightly under two days, giving players a break in between rounds for calculations to be processed. The final round ends on 15 October at 4:59am UTC.