Heroes: World of Holy War Summoning Focus Available Now!

Three new characters from Genealogy of the Holy War are now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! The World of Holy War Summoning Focus is now live, containing new 5★ heroes of Sigurd, Deirdre, and Tailtiu. Check out our earlier article for a preview trailer and breakdown of the new heroes’ skills.

A new paralogue, also titled “World of Holy War“, is live as well! If you’ve spent all your Orbs trying to summon the new dancers, these chapters will help bring your supply back up. You can earn nine Orbs for beating each map, and another three Orbs by completing the associated Quests. You can see full quest details below.

In addition to Ayra who appeared in the trailer, another surprising face also appears in the Paralogue story…

In celebration of the new summoning focus, Heroes has also started another Log-In Bonus! You can get up to 13 Orbs just from logging in over 10 days while the banner is live.

The World of Holy War Summoning Focus and its associated quests will be available until 30 October.

Additionally, The Blood of the Dragons Voting Gauntlet came to a close over the weekend. After a long and daunting battle, Ninian from Blazing Sword has emerged victorious! The next long-term Heroes event has yet to be announced, but likely it will be coming soon.

World of Holy War Quests
Quest Description Reward
Clear P13-1 on Lunatic Clear Paralogue 13: Part 1 on Lunatic difficulty with a axe user on your team. All four allies must survive. 1 Orb
Clear P13-2 on Lunatic Clear Paralogue 13: Part 2 on Lunatic difficulty with a sword user on your team. All four allies must survive. 1 Orb
Clear P13-3 on Lunatic Clear Paralogue 13: Part 3 on Lunatic difficulty with an lance user on your team. All four allies must survive. 1 Orb
About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • scythegirl16

    Got Deirdre as my free summon, yay ^^
    I think I’m really lucky, that’s the 7th 5-star I got for free 😀

  • Got my 3rd Lucina….sigh….she doesn’t even have any good skills to give to people since Aether is bound by certain lords that basically already come with it. p2p problems here XD.

    • Zog58

      Actually, Aether isn’t exclusive! You can pass that to any other unit that can use offensive specials! It’s good for Arena scoring, at least.

      • dammit, and i merged her already XD. *sigh* I don’t even use her. in general my +1 Alm does the job better than she does (has has a better stat spread for the most part)

        • Zog58

          If you desperately want to fodder an Aether, I would just promote a Chrom from 4 stars. I think merging a Five Star exclusive is the smarter play overall, they’re just too rare outside Hero Fest.

  • Managed all three + Elise and Sanaki in 220 orbs. I mean, it could’ve been worse.

    • Sisyphe

      I understand that that kind of luck is rather uncommon. I mean, I pulled nothing in a similar number of orbs, like not even much I could use for inheritance. Granted, I had already pulled P!Azura a while ago, so it kind of balances out, but still. What do we suppose the odds are supposed to be for a 5* pull anyway (estimated as 1 every ____ pulls)?

      • This is the first banner in a while that I’ve gotten a focus hero at all. Last ones were Tana and Innes that I got in the same session. But 3 base percentage is really quite low in the end, even with the double focus percentage. It’s hard to tell if I’m unlucky or lucky to get five 5*’s in so many orbs, since maths are not really my forte. I’ve done worse than this previously though.

        I’ve been playing since launch and I have 59 5*’s, including ones I’ve promoted as well as TT rewards. Don’t really have anything to compare with so I don’t know if that’s a lot.

      • Fuck it, made some calculations anyway.

        At base percentage (3%) there is a 97% chance of failing, so we just multiply it by itself 5 times granted we summon using all orbs. Then we have the chance of failing 5 times in a row and just use that to find the success. Effectively a 14% chance of getting a 5* in a base session, disregarding the focus. That’s actually not all too bad in the end, since the chance rises every session. It just feels worse probably.

        • Sisyphe

          Math isn’t my strength either, so I will take your word for it. I had estimated 1 in every 20 orbs, including focus percentage. I have probably about 54 5* since launch including Tempest Trials, merges, and SI fodder (I’ve broken down two Minervas for Life and Death and still have one left). Definitely not complaining about that. I’ve got a good bunch of meta relevant and favorite heroes, and while very few are optimized, only a few have harmful IVs.

          • I forgot to count merges and inheritance, in which case I’ve gotten about 80 in total. That seems really good in comparison to yours, but I’ve also spent a bit of cash on the game from time to time. Nothing crazy though, since it’s still a gamble to get the ones you like.

            The IVs are my bane though. I didn’t think about them too much early game, but now I’ve noticed quite a few are negative (-spd Linde and Palla most notably). Both Deirdre and Tiltyu are +hp and -atk/-res respectively, so I’m hesitant in using them for that. Gonna hope to get at least one more of them with better IVs.

          • Sisyphe

            Haha to be fair I meant colored orbs, so 1 in every 80 or so, I guess, which seems more reasonable. The other way would, probably be too much. And I could’ve miscounted, but I doubt it’s more than 60 5*.

            The randomness makes it really hard for me to justify spending, though obviously I don’t think ill of anyone who does. I might find it worth it hindsight though. Like if you said I spent $X and got <, then I might think “yeah, that’s worth it”. I’ve seen other games that offer guarantees in certain price packages. Like if they said buying certain orb packs, even only the more expensive ones, guaranteed even a random 5*, then I’d probably be much more likely to do so, but they clearly felt confident enough in their model not to go that way.

          • Yeah that makes more sense lol. Idk but I wish there was either a way to at least slightly manipulate the heroes you can get, that or have the option to maybe change IVs with the use of orbs. It’s unlikely for me to get another Tiltyu, so instead it would be nice if I could change her stat spread instead.

            Like in the Crimean banner, I didn’t get a single focus hero even though I spent well over 200 orbs. If it could be changed up so that your first 5* from a certain banner is always a focus, then I too would probably spend a bit more on the game.

  • dmurr

    All of the art this time is sooo good.

  • Wow, Arden is looking fantastic here. I honestly thought he’d have looked way uglier if he ever got into the game at all, so I’m glad to be wrong on both accounts.

    Too bad I got nothing from the banner since I was spooked by Gray.

    • Yeah, I actually find most of the art to be pretty good. Eliwood and Athena are criminal offenses though..

      • Sisyphe

        I’ve found a range. I love the art for Leon and Soren (and Arvis) for example, but can’t stand the artist who did Valter. I don’t love the big-eyed anime style art either (RIP Catria). Arden is beautifully shaded

        • Valter, Saber and Eldigan are all by the same artist, right? I actually like how he drew them, since it captures their nature pretty well. Valter in particular looks menacing. Personally I find Leon and Soren to be kinda… Glossy? Idk. The art itself is good but I don’t like how the lighting is.

          The anime style is a hit or miss lol. I don’t mind it since I read manga a lot so I’m used to it. But a lot of the characters look like that anyway. Kleine is one of my favourite character and I love how she’s drawn (Nabarl and Shigure look great too). Most of the time I feel that the art blends well with the personality of the characters, but sometimes I wish it could’ve been a bit better. I don’t mind Sheema’s but it would’ve been interesting to see another artists interpretation of her.

          • Sisyphe

            Hmm you make a good point about the art representing their personalities. It’s definitely a matter of personal preference, and I’m not even consistent in my preferences! I hate the Saber art but don’t mind Eldigan, and like Shigure, but not Navarre. I tend to prefer art that resembles the style of the official Shadows of Valentia art, and so really appreciated the small touch-up of Minerva and this batch of Geneology art, but also like what Innes’ artist did for him.

            It’s fair to say Soren and Leon are “glossy”, but I love the detail in the clothes and hair. I think you can get away with the anime style for characters like Nino, but it made me sad to see for characters like Catria and Est.

  • mrkisukes

    On my 6th summon, pulled a Deirdre…+HP/-SPD, RIP Spd Ploy utility for her. I could go with a raven tome build, but that feels like a waste of her unique tome. But hot damn…Arya looks like she’d be an even better version of Lyn and any other the others of the archetype. And Arden is a bigger tank than Zephiel. Also, Arvis data found in game…confirmed F2P.

    • Mine was +hp/-atk… I really have bad luck with this. My Sigurd is +def/-res, and my Tiltyu is +hp/-res. The latter was the one I wanted to most, so I’m really disappointed by that. But at least Sigurd is usable since his base res is pretty shitty anyway.

      Yeah, I’m really looking forward to using her, so I’ve saved up 60k feathers. Glad she seems strong since she set the tone for the archetype anyway. Hopefully it’s a GHB so I can get more copies of her..

    • F2p Def Ploy for everyone!!!!

      I’m grateful for these Holy War characters because Arvis’s Def Ploy and Arya’s Swift Sparrow are going straight to my FireSweep Bow Innes that I’m building (2 skills he desperately needs for that build to be functional)

  • O.H. X-1990

    Nope, not getting those new Heroes, this game trolled me long enough!