Heroes Opinion: When Too Many Lyns is a Bad Thing…

Recently, a new wave of disdain has hit Fire Emblem Heroes, thanks to the introduction of a Legendary variant of Lyn. Although it’s not quite as severe as the incident with Ayra last year, I still believe it’s worth looking into.

The culprit this time is a certain noblewoman from Sacae.

Firstly, I’ll just briefly outline the facts, especially for those unfamiliar with Heroes.

On 27th April, a few days ago, Nintendo/Intelligent Systems revealed the latest Legendary character as usual. Near the end of each month, there is a Legendary summoning event featuring one new Legendary Hero and 11 existing rare/powerful Heroes.

The very first two Legendary Heroes were original characters, but recent Legendary Heroes are basically “ultimate” versions of existing characters, although they aren’t necessarily the strongest units in the game. For some people, they are nothing more than additional variants.

Reactions to Legendary Lyn have been divided to say the least.

This month’s new Legendary Hero is Lyn: Lady of the Wind, with a new Green Bow weapon type. As soon as Legendary Lyn was revealed, a large part of the community was in a uproar.

At the time of writing, the English reveal trailer has a 2:1 like/dislike ratio, while the Japanese trailer has a 1:1 ratio (although this may be partially due to online campaigning). Previous trailers have a typical 10:1 ratio (which makes sense as you can’t please everyone).

For reference, poor Ayra never received a trailer, so it’s impossible to directly compare the two situations. However, my gut feeling is that the situation was far more grave in the past.

Welcome to the family(n). Sorry.

On the surface, the problem with Legendary Lyn’s reveal is easy to identify: many believe that Lyn now has a disproportionate amount of variants.

Including the Legendary Lyn, there are now five versions of Lyn in the game. The other versions are standard Lyn (with Sol Katti), Bride Lyn (healer), Brave Lyn (cavalry archer) and Valentine’s Lyn (armoured mage).

Previously, the most amount of variants was 4 (in the case of Lyn, Chrom and Lucina) or 6 if you count both Robin genders as one character. Otherwise, the number floats between 2 and 3.

Eirika’s new variant was a surprise and caused her to slip in Choose Your Legends 2.

However, the problems run slightly deeper. Ever since the start of 2018, with the “Sacred Memories” summoning event, the game has gradually introduced variants of existing Heroes in regular summoning events, where they were previously restricted to special seasonal events, like Brides or Christmas.

A common sentiment is that, despite the Fire Emblem franchise having a massive cast of characters, Heroes is denying opportunities for lesser known characters in favour of a(nother) variant of an existing character.

For instance, Eirika: Anamnesis Lady depicts Eirika wielding dark magic while riding a horse. Which is a fun “what if” character. However she could be seen as stealing a place from a potential new character, such as Knoll (who actually wields Eirika’s dark magic). Especially since the summoning event only featured 3 characters.

Reinhardt naturally receiving a variant would’ve been unheard of until now.

This also extends to the recent “World of Thracia” summoning event, where 2 out of 4 Heroes were variants (Reinhardt and Olwen). While it’s nice that the developers are acknowledging Reinhardt and Olwen’s newfound popularity, it’s taken around a year for additional Thracia 776 characters to appear and who knows when they’ll add more.

On the other hand, at the end of the day, Heroes is a business and with the pool of popular unreleased characters getting smaller and smaller, it makes sense for the developers to sway consumers with flashy versions of popular characters that already exist.

That said, while some have gripes with the increased amount of variants, it does not seem to be a big problem by itself. Rather, this issue has become compounded when a character–Lyn–suddenly gets a 5th version, when other Heroes have yet to get an alternative version or even appear in the game.

Marth is one of the few main characters without an alternate version.

For instance, fans have long bemoaned Marth–the “face” of Fire Emblem–lacking an variant (and Masked Marth doesn’t count). While I’m confident Marth will get a variant eventually (perhaps a Groom or Legendary), Nintendo/IS’s order of releasing Heroes has been pretty bizarre…

The sole consideration in Lyn’s favour is that we’ve predicted a Green Bow Legendary Hero ever since the game’s 2.4.0. update. Similar to how we predicted a Colorless Breath Legendary Hero was coming last month. So it was always unlikely for the likes of Marth to be this month’s Legendary Hero.

That said, if you think of a powerful/popular bow user who’s green, surely Takumi from Fates must come to mind? There’s also the fact we got a Fates-related summoning event featuring a Hinoka variant not long ago. I’m genuinely curious if Nintendo/IS were trying to troll or mislead us.

Could Takumi one day return to dominate the meta?

While a 4th version of Takumi might be disappointing to some, I don’t think it would’ve caused such a big fuss. Rather, I imagine it wouldn’t be dissimilar to Legendary Robin’s reveal. Plus, while Lyn can use bows in Blazing Blade, she’s not really famous for it and canonically doesn’t wield Mulagir.

By the way, I–and most other fans–do not have a problem because of Lyn, herself. Truly, it’s incredible that Lyn is getting a lot more attention these days, whereas previously she was relegated to an Assist Trophy in Smash Bros. As the first character seen by many Western fans–and a strong female lead–she’s wonderful.

Similarly, I’m not saying that Lyn doesn’t deserve to be a Legendary Hero. But perhaps her inclusion is far too soon, especially when there are a lot of other worthy Heroes still patiently waiting in the queue.

Finally–and perhaps most importantly–if you have any strong thoughts about Legendary Lyn–positive or negative–I strongly recommend sending feedback to the developers, similar to Ayra’s situation.

This is our window to contacting the devs.

There are two main ways to contact the developers.

1. Via the game: Go to “Misc.”, “FAQ/Etc.”, “Customer Support” and finally “Feedback”. You can write up to 1000 words. For “Topic”, “Summoning” or “Characters” would be the best choices.

2. Via e-mail: Write an e-mail to fire-emblem-heroes-support[AT]nintendo[DOT]co[DOT]jp

Remember that Heroes is a service and as a (potential) customer, you have every right to tell them how you feel about the service provided. Plus, historically, the developers have done a fantastic job of listening to feedback, recently demoting a lot of undesirable 4 – 5* Heroes for example.

Rhajat was introduced in a separate banner, but there was clear forewarning.
Image credits to Gamepedia.

With regards to Ayra, there has never been another new Hero introduced in their own summoning event alongside already existing Heroes. Except for Rhajat (and one could make an argument for Legendary Heroes in general), but the developers made it 100% clear what was happening.

Therefore, we can assume that the feedback following Ayra’s backlash had a huge influence on the practices from then on. Which means there’s a very good chance that any feedback related to Legendary Lyn will be taken very seriously as well–and will hopefully be reflected in the game soon.

Thanks a lot for reading and hopefully (again), you won’t need to read another dramatic article from me! Maybe next time I’ll write a positive opinion piece instead, since I do think the developers are doing an otherwise great job with the game.

About the Author: VincentASM
Author Website: http://serenesforest.net
  • Inael Laia

    Honestly this whole situation is really sad for me. Lyn’s new art is amazing, she can be really helpful gameplay wise and i love her character and her game so much, but the time she got here was awful. It was a matter of time for them to reveal her as a Legendary, but they could wait a litle more, and dont do it so close to the sixth copy of Robin.

  • Jenoss

    It’s ridiculous and sad to see this happen now, and not when we did see 2 copy paste of grima came one after the other one.
    It seems that awakening fanbase can shallow only what they want to..

    • Isak House Wolff

      There is one thing you miss about Robin

      A) Most people see the Robin as two different characters. So in their mind, there is only 2Male 2 Female Robins. Why I write 2 is you will see in B. Even most Fatewakening haters does that.

      B) Grima and Robin isn’t the same character. Yes, Robin is the one that is supposed to be Grima, but due to his/her mannerism compared to Robin, they are separate people. It’s sort of like twins. Both might look identical but they are in the core two different persons.
      C) F!Grima is a flying dragon, M!Grima is an armored dragon, with two different playstyles. LLyn is just Brave Lyn without a horse.

      I love Lyn as much as the next guy, but outside of Robin (since I’m with you on the hole two grima aspect and all to some degree even as a Robin fan) Lyn was the one I did not want to see given a new alt for a long while. And especially not someone this lazy which is the worst part about it.

      • Diovani Estivalet

        I liked your comment. I think the worst exemple of alt. version (at least for me) for a unit in Heroes is Ike. Both normal Ike and Vanguard Ike are Infantry Sword users, with both using the same weapon (Ragnell), and both have similar stats (although, the Legendary one has better stats). Another exemple I have is Hector. But both Hectors have different, weapons.

        • Zog58

          While I do concede that PoR Ike and Legendary Ike are pretty similar, I am admittedly pretty confused why people like to keep bringing Ike up as an issue for alts when he actually is a Lord in two unique games. Brave Ike already had Urvan, so there really was no other way to design RD Ike without making his stat spread very different from PoR, which I actually think they should have done (Ike was hardly mediocre in Speed in PoR. That was pretty much his most defined stat, a fast Lord that could hit hard even unprompted, like Ephraim.) Yes, he was a blatant copy, but he at least has two games to represent. Same goes for the Black Knight.

          On the other hand, Chrom has had 4 copies overall, two being seasonal, and when he wins CYL in the future he will have 5 just like Lyn, maybe 6 if he becomes Legendary. I personally see Robin and Grima as separate, but even so we now have two Robin(M)s, two Robin (F)s, and two Grimas. I think they are fine there, but they need to cool it now on them. Then there is Lyn, a nice Lord that has now been given a Legendary Alt with a weapon she could never use, two seasonal varients, and then CYL gave her another alt, though I can at least appreciate their focus on the character’s fathers for a theme there. Ike and BK may just be slightly improved, but they will never share a summon pool with their alts,they are actually canonical older versions of themselves, and they help represent different games. Unless Binding Blade decides to include Lyn in the future, there is no reason to keep giving one character from one game so much attention. I do feel that Ike’s massive popularity has soured people’s taste for him, but they could at least acknowledge that PoR and Radiant Dawn both exist when making the argument for alts, you know?

          • Diovani Estivalet

            I think Ike is a great exemple to how don’t make a alternative version. A Alt. need to be very different from the original. A good exemple is normal Lyn and Brave Lyn. Two units very different. I agree Lyn have more alt. than she deserves. I hope IS decides to make alt. for units who deserve it and for units who don’t have alt already. For exemple: Celica, Ephraim and Hector don’t need a new alternative, because we know we will receive a brave form of them. We don’t need a 5th Chrom or Lucina, or a 4th Camilla, Azura or Takumi. Marth is the one I really want a Alt. Ryoma, Micaiah and Alm are good choices too.
            It’s funny how IS loves Awakening, Fates and Blazing Sword to make to much alternatives for their characters, but the main villans of the games are not in Heroes (Grima is a villan, but I am talking about Validar or Gangrel)

          • Zog58

            I totally agree on your picks like Alm, Marth, Michaiah and Ryoma. Marth and Alm especially, what happened to the Echoes hype from last year? People loved Alm, as shown by CYL. And Marth, man that guy could use a King Alt. Just give him an altered Falchion like Exalt Chrom and he’s set. I also find it odd that Gharnef hasn’t made it in when he was in Warriors. The dude’s a pretty cool villain, even if he isn’t much better than Validar in the evil for power department. They did something right villian-wise by adding Hardin, at least. They need to spread the love, and I think with the video backlash they may just do so.

  • Rezzy

    I think we’ve really started to reach a saturation point with alts. I
    love Lyn, and I wasn’t even excited when I saw she had gotten another
    alt. She doesn’t even look any different than her Brave Heroes form.

    • ashlyn

      Exactly! When IS keeps releasing alts nearly back to back, it loses its special feel. To me now, when there are new banners I almost half expect it to just be more alts and not actual new characters. I love Lyn as well but was disappointed with her new legendary alt, and with just how many alts we are getting in general lately.

    • ronin4life

      We don’t have a saturation of alts as much as we have a drought of new entries. One would think alts are used to fill out otherwise empty rosters but here we are with dozens, possibly hundreds of unused characters but have to slogg through our 3rd and 4th alts of the same thing.

  • 100%B-Type

    Yes, far too soon is what we can say, + there is another Legend (CYL) running around strongly in every Arena battle, maybe this could be a factor, too! Or why do I need “another” one, when the first one is already good enough? Whats could happening now would be:

    -releasing new Charas who never stepped a feet in this game (Ilyana, Tatiana, Midori, Elena, Emma etc.)
    -alternate versions of charas we like (RedTome Darkmage Micaiah, Sword Cavalry + Healer Mist, Enchantress Delthea etc.)
    -free obtainable units (similar to Fjorm & Ike)

    Anyway, CYL is on the way and we get our 3rd version of: Hector, Celica & Ephraim, almost a 4th Camilla but somehow her alternate releases in game where acceptable.
    On a side note, what if when a new Marth could be so strong and change the Mata alone that we say he should never be released in the first place and maybe Int.Sys. is right now doing this?

  • Marc マーク

    I strongly agree with the article, especially with poor Marth not having an alt yet. I’m a big fan of Lyn and I don’t mind the 5th version, but I agree variety should come first and special versions should be, well, more special. The reason I’m not mad is because, as said at the end, Intelligent Systems is otherwise doing an amazing job with the game. It was just bad timing on their part.

  • Rezzy

    I would like to see a return to OCs as the Legendary Heroes. Bruno has been MIA since Book 1, and it looks like only a matter of time until Veronica leaves Team Evil.

  • mrkisukes

    I agree with the article here, even though I personally find Lyn to be uninteresting and overrated, I don’t bemoan anyone who likes her. My biggest grip was that it hasn’t even been 3 months since her last alt and there are dozens of characters worthy of the “Legendary” title, with Marth in particular having no alt of his own. I’m aware this is a gatcha game, but I’d like for IS to show more tact and not be so obvious in their attempts to squeeze money out of us.

    Normally I go for Legendary banners for the Legendary Hero and those I particularly want, but this is the first time I’m going to pass (even if I do want characters like H!Henry and H!Jakob). So aside from sending feedback through customer support, I’m also sending feedback by not buying into this bad practice. They’ll feel the effects more greatly if they make less off of this banner than projected.

    • Slixer

      which they won’t, you grossly overestimate people not going in on this banner. Youtubers will, most people who comment here and on Reddit will. The majority of people who don’t go on either this or reddit will still pull, simply put most people will not care. I don’t care, actually I do really want this 5th Lyn because I missed the Valentines one and I want to run Lyn Emblem and have a unique bow.

      As for alt moaning, while yes I’d like to see more characters two there is alot I also wouldn’t like to see, Ironically enough Knoll and Reina spring to mind, characters nobody really gives a crap about but are now being championed for no discernible reason then to be awkward. Yes we need a Legendary Marth, a good Marth, Kent, Sain, Laguz etc. there are alot I want to see but the moaners are moaning about the wrong damn things.

  • Sentinel

    My reaction was more or less an “Oh well” reaction. Not happy. Not angry. Just eh more or less. Lyn is a character I do genuinely like, but it’s easy to understand the frustration from people thinking this has gone too far, even from people who are fans of Lyn.

    IS should take a look at those Nintendo Mobile like/dislike bars and see how much more polarizing this is. You have dozens of main characters to use. Use them.

  • Butler

    While I don’t disagree with you, Vincent, I don’t really feel like the front page should be used for opinions. That’s what the forums are for.

    • speedster

      deleted comment

  • Diovani Estivalet

    I am planning to (or try to) summon Lyn, because she looks to be a great unit, but I would prefer to have another character as Legendary Hero. I was predicting Takumi, or even Sakura, to appear as L’ Hero this month, but Lyn was a huge surprise.

  • Familyplayer

    They need to just stop with alts. It’s not a particular game problem anymore and it’s now a series-wide issue. We’ve got hundreds of characters. I think we can think of a place for them in these banners.

  • FudanshiKnight

    I plan to pull in this banner, but mostly because most of the 5s are heroes I want and do not have yet. I really like Lyn and happy she is getting more exposure, but honestly, I’m all Lyn’d out, especially after her sheer dominance in this game and Warriors.

    And I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that alt of Eirika could have been Knoll. He isn’t popular, but I would like to see every character in Heroes at some point. It’d be really nice.

    I know that there are only so many popular characters in general, but I would like to see more alts of other popular characters first before handing even more to ones that already have a bunch. Cool it with Fates Royals and the popular Awakening characters already.

  • Sofa Man

    I find myself apathetic toward people complaining about Lyn when nobody seemed to care that we got 6 robins, one of which was a colorless flying dragon for no fucking reason. You, and others, give them a pass because they’re different genders, but I don’t. Not when they all wield the same 3 weapons.

    • speedster

      I’m actually curious if IS sees them as the same since we’ve got a Robin reward map coming up

    • ronin4life

      I was more bothered that a villain was made a LEGENDARY *HERO* colorless dragon instead of an actual legendary hero like Tiki or Naga.

      • speedster

        It was probably meant as s Robin alt rather than just Grima

        • Pit

          Even so, it’s a VILLAIN! Acts like a villain, talks like a villain, chills like a villain.

  • Semi Colon Parenthesis

    Bit redundant, but I’ll state my opinion regardless. Eirika was a “nice surprise”, in the fact it showed the devs can pull off, what is stated here, as “what if” characters. I haven’t played Sacred Stones thoroughly enough to know it was a somewhat vague reference, until it was pointed out to me. There is nothing wrong with alts, and I even expected them. “Acceptable” alts would be like FE 6 Hector and Karel, just to name two examples. I’m even fine with seasonal to “spice” things up, since they’re pretty spread out. However, “what if” or CYL-esque alts were something I expected after they exhausted every or almost character in the series. Which they are FAR from.

  • Jesus Ojeda

    Let’s try to look at things from IS perspective: their ultimate objective is to make the game profitable, so they have two options when thinking about new legendary heroes:
    -A popular hero with a huge fanbase who will pull for her (and yeah, let’s just go with “her”) regardless of how strong she is as a character.
    -A OC or a classic FE character who -might- deserve an alt, but who hasn’t because IS -knows- its not a profitable as our first option.

    I think Gunnthrá is a good example for this. She’s a OC, nice looking, somewhat important to the plot (nobody cares about that, but meh) and she’s actually a pretty nice unit. Now, when was the last time you saw one at the arena? Horse Emblem teams are quite common, but she is rarely seen even in those teams -not even with her arena relevant chill speed.
    My point is, if you really want different alts, your wallets will speak way louder than your comments, by pulling for that new Marth or Renault or whatever. You can start saving orbs right now avoiding the new banner. Or just throw a couple of orbs for Speed Tactic, which is probably there just to give something useful for those who dislike Lyn or just don’t want another.

  • Theodore Homdrom

    Would be nice to see Opinion pieces on SF used for more than just negativity.

    There are some good points raised here, though I think pointing to Lyn is a strange approach. The banner right before her Legendary appearance, with Hinoka and Shigure, in a way features two alts and one new character (Hinoka and Shigure both as alts, even if the new Shigure is his in-game actual appearance). I pulled only green on that banner mainly because I only cared about Kana there, but also because it was a very strange combination of characters. Kaze is a new character being released – why wasn’t he on the banner? Why are male and female Kana both dragons, and why is male Kana a freaking GHB reward? That’s the weirdest decision for me.

    Lyn being a Legendary Hero, even considering timing, just isn’t at all egregious to me. After Fjorm and Gunnthra, all the Legendaries have been alts of existing (and VERY popular characters), so Lyn should have been expected sooner rather than later.

    The flood of alts can be seen as a problem (it depends on perspective, so I won’t just out-and-out say IT IS BAD because it’s not that simple). Pointing to Lyn as the breaking point is a very strange argument to me, though. It’s even more disappointing that the argument has gained so much traction among the vocal minority, there’s quite the echo chamber getting started up.

    Looking at the arguments about alts and strange banner compositions, Lyn is definitely not the strongest argument against so many alts. Look at Kinshinoka’s banner and the strange handling of Kaze and male Kana. Look at how almost every banner with new Heroes recently has had at least one alt. Those are strong examples. Legendary Lyn? Not really.

    It’s also worth realizing we have two new character banners coming very close together – as soon as Kinshinoka’s ends, another begins. It’ll be very interesting to see what that new banner is, if it’s a seasonal full of alts, or a “new hero” banner with only one or two actual “new” heroes.

    I’ll also, for argument’s sake, state that I’m really not unhappy with FEH so far at all. I love Lyn, so I don’t mind her at all getting a new version (and now she appears in all the colors! Lyn Emblem here we come!). If I didn’t frequent Fire Emblem fan sites, I would have no idea this had such blowback, because I saw the trailer and honestly lost my freaking mind, I was very excited to see a new Lyn. But even though I have some problems with Leif and Kinshinoka’s banners having more or equal alts to new characters, it doesn’t bother me in a huge way. And I hope people who are actually angry and upset about this will find a way to calm down and rationally, reasonably deal with it. If you don’t like it, offer feedback to IS – as the article states, you can do that through the game itself, which is a very nice feature. But if you’re just grumpy about “overexposure” or a character you don’t like getting an alt, or a character you DO like NOT getting an alt, then it’s all very arbitrary and perhaps you should try to find things to be happy about. There’s enough anger and hatred on the internet, and it would be nice for video games to be a place where we can be more happy than angry.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    I felt there’s no point of this topic welcome to gacha games this is definitely most people first mobile game.

  • Ember Hermin

    I was absolutely furious when Legendary Lyn was announced because I had literally just given my Brave Lyn a Wind Blessing

  • Ember Hermin

    They used to release 4 new characters at a time. Now they release 1 at a time, because they’d rather make other variations of already existing heroes. Ugh…

    • Theodore Homdrom

      The Far-Fetched Heroes banner seems so far away now. I hope we see banners like that again soon. Having Mia, Dorcas, Lute, and Joshua (am I missing anyone?) all drop together was so cool! Not only was it a banner full of brand new Heroes, but they were from different games, too. I don’t need my banners themed, I just want to get cool mix-ups like that, it was very fun.

      And I hope they don’t keep putting on their event calendars “New Hero Banner” only to have it be half or more of alts, with just one, maybe two new Heroes.

      Personally I’m not upset about alts, and I like most of them. I just don’t entirely like how they’re releasing them, and I’d rather have new Hero banners be exclusively NEW Heroes, not alts. It seems to me that making alts and new Heroes would take the same amount of work on the part of IS, so the sudden deluge of alts, while not terrible, is very strange.

    • Logan Bests

      I agree and to be frank, they can still give us ALTs if the use the 4-heroes banner setup.

  • Mark Robin

    It seems Legendary Heroes is mostly based on their achievement from their respective game. Although I personally agree that we do have Lyn, there a theory that IS is trying to please both Veterans and Newcomers. I do expect Marth will get is spot eventually. Also, let’s not forget that they introduce color bows, so whatever the heroes come in, it will either find it interesting or no interest.

    If Legend Lyn turn out to be given as a free unit due mission (correct me), then I personally don’t think its a problem, but there are those who will either use it for team build or Skills intertance/Send Home.

  • yoyomom

    Looks like people are overcompensating for the lack of Lyn (as a playable character) in Smash bros.

  • ashlyn

    I remember wanting another version of Lyn as a Legendary Hero, but I feel like they really jumped the gun on this one. They should have waited a few more months from now to release her, because recently it just feels as though we’ve been given too many Lyns. Maybe they could have waited until later this year when it would have been close to the anniversary of last year’s Choose Your Legends event, and then released her with a legendary banner at that time. It would have been better to do so at that time in my opinion, since her legendary version basically looks like the Brave Lyn version anyway.

    I do hope that we get more actual brand new characters added to the game, and at this point I don’t care if it’s from an old game or a new game. We just need more variety of characters, not more variants. While it is undeniably nice to see different versions of characters it loses its special feel when we constantly get new versions of already existing characters in Heroes.

  • ronin4life

    IMHO the worst part of this is Lyn won’t get a Sword Legendary alt now, unless weapon swapping becomes a thing.
    This is like if Hector had his Legendary Alt use Durandal. It’s bullshit.

    • Pit

      I agree. If she became a Legendary Hero, the least they could have done was give her her Sol Katti.

  • Morgan Rodgers

    I just pretend that bride/vd Lyn don’t exist so it’s not a problem for me. (also Marth is super boring)

  • Theodore Homdrom

    I posted a detailed comment on here this morning, where did it go?

    Well I’ll try reposting in a condensed form:

    – Recent banners before the Legendary Lyn are a far better example of improper use of alts and “too many” alts. The Thracia and Kinshinoka banner were advertised as banners for new characters, but for Thracia we only got two new characters with two alts, and with Kinshinoka we had arguably two alts (Shigure has appeared before, though he’s only now appearing in his game-accurate form) and one new character, with TWO new characters (Kaze and Male Kana) relegated to means other than the banner. That’s far more of a problem (if one considers alts a problem, which is a matter of perspective) than Legendary Lyn, when all Legendary Heroes since Gunnthra have been alts of the most popular characters. Lyn was inevitable, in that respect.

    – I’d love to understand why people are so upset about Lyn. I’m reading comments, and the above article, but I still don’t fully understand. It feels like mostly a case of “I want THIS character or THIS alt but instead I’m getting THIS and I’m mad about it” rather than “this is an objectively bad design choice.” Again, if too many and too frequent alts are the problem, the most recent “new hero” banners are far bigger problems in that argument.

    – I find it disappointing that so far Opinion pieces on SF have been primarily used for negativity. I don’t mind editorials, but only having them come out when there’s controversy or anger, and then using that to sort of fan the flames of that dissent, feels like the wrong move. Though I do respect the author’s extensive analysis, and they make some solid points, I just think that this, and Ayra, I think are the only Heroes Opinion pieces on here? That’s disappointing to me, as I love to read positive editorials and I think SF has some good writers, including the writer of this article.

  • Pit

    I think they need to tone down on the alts. Fire Emblem has a HUGE varieties of characters that still needs to be given the spotlight: Dozla and Rennac from Sacred Stones; Aideen and Bridget from Holy War, Milady or Guinivere from Binding Blade; what about Sumia from Awakening, or Geoffrey or Lucia from Radiant Dawn? Or my boy Jesse from Gaiden/Echoes? Are they chopped livers, Nintendo? The alts are better for holidays only.