Heroes: Legendary Heroes – Lyn Summoning Event!

It’s time for another Legendary Hero Summoning Event in Fire Emblem Heroes! Try your luck summoning from the Legendary Heroes – Lyn Summoning Focus. In addition to being a Legendary Hero, Lyn is our first Green Archer and also a rather controversial alt. Check out our earlier article from last week for a breakdown of her skills.

11 other 5★ heroes are also joining Lyn in this new banner: Legendary Ike, Mage Eirika, Fallen Celica, Legendary Ephraim, PA!Shigure, Micaiah, PA!Inigo, Halloween Henry, Genny, Halloween Jakob, and Legendary Robin. The starting summoning rate for a 5★ unit is 8% and there are no off-focus units! Good luck getting the heroes you’d like!

Legendary Lyn also appears as the boss in a new series of Special Maps. Complete all four difficulties for a Wind Blessing and and nine Orbs! Like BHBs, the maps cost 0 stamina and all four of your allies must survive the battle.

The Legendary Heroes – Lyn banner and its associated map will be available until 7 May. Of the Legendary Heroes available this banner, Robin will appear again next banner late May, Ike and Ephraim late June, and Lyn not until late July. Based on this information, we can assume that the next Legendary Hero will likely be a red unit.

Meanwhile, Golden Week celebrations are continuing! The second Log-In Bonus starts today, and new Special Maps continue to pour in. Additionally, pre-registration for the special GW-edition of Grand Conquests is now open as well. The event will begin tomorrow, complete with some new changes and additions.

Finally, today is 1 May and that means new Monthly Quests! As usual, the quests are split into three parts, all similar to earlier monthly quests. It’s a great source of additional orbs if you’d like a few more to summon on the Legendary Heroes banner. You can also earn up Stamina Potions, Hero Feathers, and more. They’ll be available all month.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • 100%B-Type

    Looks like those Special Maps are for LegendaryLyn because of so much reinforcements.
    Good RNG for you summoners~

  • speedster

    I had 450+ orbs. Spent them all. Don’t know what overcame me. Got 2 Inigos, 1 Henry, 1 Micaiah, 1 Grima, 1 Celica, 1 Ike. I got a few orbs after that from completing all of the Lyn maps. Infernal was way easier than Grima’s. Thank god I got pain fodder from my summonings. I haven’t had pain ever since the weapon refinery was announced, believe it or not. But come on. They could’ve at least given me Nanna

  • Diovani Estivalet

    150+ orbs for a Grima and a Lyn… Great…
    I got 7 heroes with less than 100 orbs last time… Too sad…

    • You did better than me. Had a 10.5% rate before I got a Micaiah, and didn’t get anything else after that. About 165 orbs.

      Well, I guess I did get a 3* Sheema, so I’m not too displeased.

      • Diovani Estivalet

        After 100 orbs, I got afraid of getting a hero I already had. I would get pissed if I get Inigo or Henry, two heroes I already have. Luckily, I got Lyn (+Spd -Def). I made some quest, got some orbs, tried again and I got Grima (+Spd -Atk).
        I planning to try again after some quests done. I would like to get a Jakob. My Faye with guard bow and Quick Riposte worked pretty well, so this build will work better with Jakob because he has access to armored buffs more easily than Faye has access to Tactic Buffs.
        And now I have access to all four tactics, I can search for a good Eirika. I have a +Def -Res 5* Eirika, and a +Def -Spd 5* Eirika. I am trying to get a +Atk.

        • I suppose it’s not too bad. I only really pulled in this banner because I also wanted Spd Tactic for my Eirika. She is +Spd -Res and pretty decent.

          I wasn’t planning to spend my whole supply like this, since I’d be pretty annoyed if the upcoming new heroes banner has something that I want.

          • Diovani Estivalet

            This is not a bad banner at all. There are really good units on it. Now I am re thinking if I will spend orbs on it again. I thinking of keep my orbs for the next main banner.

          • It’s not bad, but there’s not really any units that I want on it. So in my case it’s just the fodder that I’d go for. Hopefully the next banner will be another 3DS one that I can skip.

          • Diovani Estivalet

            I believe the next banner will be 3DS units too. I think can be Awakening, but I would prefer a Shadow of Valentia banner, because the game was released on May (I want Silque and Python). And… as IS likes alternatives, I can easily see Palla, Catria and Est (Valentia version), and even Zeke, as part of the banner. Possessed Delthea is a option as GHB (sadly).

  • Suicunesol

    Spent 25 orbs. Got Inigo. Got Celica. Got Lyn.

    My work is done.

  • mrkisukes

    And of course, here I am not giving 2 craps about this banner thinking to myself that I might as well just redeem my free summon…my free summon was a L!Lyn…and it took getting up to 4.75% pity rate on the previous banner just for me to pull a -Atk Bownoka, RNGesus really does hate me.

  • Sisyphe

    I am not even close to that Infernal Legendary Hero Battle right now. Seeing Valter flashbacks…

  • dmurr

    Oh my gosh, I’m so happy!! I had the literal WORST luck getting Legendary Robin last banner, and I managed to get both her and Legendary Lyn in one round of summoning. Today is a great day.

  • James Richardson III

    I have Legendary Lyn! I’m satisfied.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Got my bae Lyn great IVs all good saving for when my other bae Fjorm comes back in the next one need my full +10!

  • Daniel Smith

    don’t want the new Lyn, and I already have 2 reds, one green, and one colorless

    But for me… blue and colorless are the way to go. Just pls no Genny

  • Zog58

    Did the first circle only and snagged Eirika, +Atk -Res. Pretty satisfied overall!

  • Oh look, Blue is useless for me again, it’s like they’re trying to make me not pull for Blue on these Legendary Banners. At least all three of the others are fairly solid this time, I think Inigo is the only one I would be bothered by.

  • Kurono

    Im skipping it, well, it’s all i can do in order to show my dissatisfaction with all this. Already send my feedback so… Let’s hope for the best next time.

  • Kneekicker

    35 Orbs for Ephraim and Lyn, which is pretty good. I’ll likely be spending much more on the banner since the aforementioned two plus Genny, Ike, and Henry are the only units I have. If I could just snag Jakob, I’d have a much easier time remaining in tier 20.

    Those Lyn quests were surprisingly difficult though; Legendary Lyn was thoroughly thrashed even on the level 30 map, which I find rather odd. I ended up relying on Reinhardt and Fae to beat Infernal like I usually do.