Cipher S16 Weekly Recap: Second Week of Card Reveals

Last Saturday, Fire Emblem Cipher held its Winter 2019 livestream, showcasing many new cards and products. Following the livestream, additional new cards were revealed by the official Twitter account.

All of these cards belong to Series 16 “O Courage! O Soul Aflame!“, which features characters from Binding Blade, Shadows of Valentia, Radiant Dawn, and Heroes. This series launches on 22nd March, exactly one month away.

On the Radiant Dawn side, we have cards of Tormod from the Laguz Emancipation Army–as a Mage and Archsage–on the left. Plus Kurthnaga from Goldoa–as a Dragon Tribe and Dragon Prince–on the right.

Previously, they showed off artwork of Tormod that doesn’t match either of his two featured cards. I’m guessing that’s for Tormod’s Sage card.

Binding Blade gets a fearsome triplet of cards depicting the three Ostian Knights (Barthe, Gwendolyn and Bors) triggering the Triangle Attack. All three are promoted Generals.

Next up is Veronica, representing Heroes with a SR+ card. She is wearing her Brave costume from Choose Your Legends Round 2. Interestingly, her class is Dark Knight, which makes sense. By the way, her base class is Dark Princess, which is shared with Corrin in the Japanese version of Fates.

Finally, Shadows of Valentia has a Witch of the Duma Faithful, together with her superior, Jedah. How spooky…

Well, that’s all for this week, but there’s still lots of time before the series releases, so expect to see more card reveals from here on! There will also be a pre-release livestream on 16th March, so look forward to that too.

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  • Sentinel

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s supposedly some cards depicting Elibe characters like the 8 Divine Generals right? I seem to recall there was a Roy card depicting him surrounded by other card or something.

    • Michael Ingram

      That’s right, last week they showed Dieck with Armads.