Fire Emblem Cipher Festival 2019: Merchandise + Thracia Art Exhibition

Back in April, the Fire Emblem Cipher team shared most of the details for the upcoming Fire Emblem Cipher Festival 2019 events, to be held in Japan during June. Recently, they updated their webpage with a few more details.

Firstly, the merchandise listing has been expanded, beyond the single picture and simple list from before. There are now better pictures of all the products, plus a proper look at the crazy expensive A3 acrylic card. You can find the information in English further down this article.

Additionally, by popular demand, the Thracia 776 art exhibition that featured at Fire Emblem Expo earlier this month will be making a comeback at the Cipher Festival events. The exhibition showcased all the known official artworks plus some artwork from the ending sequence.


Those who purchase 1,000 Yen worth of goods in one transaction can choose to receive a promotional card featuring a singing Lucina or Christmas Lilina from last year.

Artworks (Art books) – 2,000 Yen each

These are thin, glossy A4 art books. The highlights are Artworks 15 and 16, shown along the top. But Artworks 1 through 14 will all be available as well, for those who have holes in their collection. The number indicates the Cipher series where the art is from.

Cipher Festival T-Shirt – 3,000 Yen

A stylish T-shirt featuring the Cipher logo on the front and a Cipher Festival 2019 logo with various main characters on the back. It comes in small, medium and large sizes.

Muffler Towel – 2,500 Yen

This is a scarf-like towel that features various main characters. It measures approximately 1100 x 200 mm.

Clear Marine Bottles – 1,500 Yen each

These are water bottles that can contain 500 ml. There are three designs: Clear, red and blue. The pixel sprites were designed exclusively for Cipher.

Play Mats – 3,500 Yen each

Fancy play mats that you can use to play the Cipher card game or other card games. There are two designs: Roy & Lilina and Sisters. They measure 550 x 300 mm.

Clear File Set – 1,000 Yen

A set of 3 A4-sized thin document holders. On the left are the front designs; on the right are the back designs. The front designs are singing Lucina, Lehran’s medallion and bridal Lyn.

Acrylic Magnets – 500 Yen each

Funky diamond-shaped magnets that you can stick on your fridge etc. They measure 55 x 55 mm. There are 15 designs and they are blind-bagged so you can’t choose what you get.

From left to right, then top to bottom: Marth, Celica, Chrom, Lucina, Corrin (F), Corrin (M), Ike, Micaiah, Roy, Lyn, Eirika, Sigurd, Leif, Alfonse, Itsuki.

A3 Extra-Large Acrylic Card – 10,000 Yen

An oversized A3, plastic version of Marth’s SR card from Series 13. Has a pretty hefty price tag, but small acrylic stuff is pretty expensive already, never mind something this big!

“Horse and Man as One” and “Galeforce” CDs – 2,500 Yen each

A pair of CDs from Intelligent System’s own “Cavalier Duo” with music from the mini-concerts at the past Fire Emblem Cipher Caravan and Cipher Festival 2018 events.

You can find the track list and samples here and here.

Legacy Sleeve Collection – 700 Yen each

Intelligent Systems have raided their warehouses to dig up these previously-released sleeve collections.

  • Top: Eirika, Nanna, Corrin (F), Effie, Chrom, Eliwood, Hana, Soren
  • Bottom: Marth, Micaiah, Ephraim, Lissa, Sigurd, Lilina, Azura, Camilla

The top selection will be available at the West event, while the bottom selection will be at the East event.

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