Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore: What’s new recap, Heroes debut, & happenings in Japan

Only a few days left until the release of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore!

Nintendo from Japan has shared a new trailer highlighting the new features exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of the game, including new costumes from the worlds of Atlus like Joker from Persona 5. Take a look at the video, and continue reading as we look over Nintendo’s new Topics article covering more updates in further detail.

The New Tokyo Mirage Sessions

New collab outfits!

The wardrobe in Tokyo Mirage Sessions is already packed with crazy outfits that’ll keep battles fresh 24/7, and it’s about to get even wackier with these four coming from whole other worlds. You can’t miss this one, it’s a costume of Joker from Persona 5! Outfits inspired by Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Etrian Odyssey Nexus, and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux are also invited to the party.

Left: Itsuki’s Rebellious Joker from Persona 5. Right: Mamori’s Sister Lionheart from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Left: Ellie’s Cross Bravery from Etrian Odyssey Nexus. Right: Yashiro’s Demonica Replica from Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux.

By the way, the female lead of our story, Tsubasa Oribe, can now wear a pair of glasses. Have them on or off to your liking at any time from the Settings screen.

A new song, and new covers!

It’s not Tokyo Mirage Sessions without stories personified by song. You can catch a sneak peek of the all-new song “She Is…” on the official site of the Fortuna Entertainment talent agency (we’ve translated the site’s contents here). And not only that, you’ll be able to hear Tsubasa sing “Reincarnation” (as a cover of Kiria’s song), and Kiria sing “Maybe Friends, Maybe Lovers” (as a cover of Tsubasa’s song). You’ll have to play all-new storylines to uncover how they’re involved in Encore.

New tweaks to make life sweet

Tokyo Mirage Sessions has been retuned on Nintendo Switch to deliver a snappier, more flexible experience than what was possible before. You can amp up the tempo by toggling the new Quick Session feature to zip through battles. And if that’s not enough, loading transitions are much faster now, and you’ve got a Mini-Map always at the ready to help you on your way. Players who continue on to New Game+ can even decide to mix things up with their party, as they can now leave Itsuki in the subcast.

A Sharp Crossover Between Heroes!


This news isn’t an illusion, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore is coming to Fire Emblem Heroes! Summoners, say hello to Itsuki Aoi, Tsubasa Oribe, Kiria Kurono, Eleonora Yumizuru, and Mamori Minamoto—all joined by their respective ally Mirages!



Left to right: Itsuki as he appears in Encore, Itsuki & Chrom as they appear in Heroes, and Itsuki as he appears as a unit in Heroes.



Left to right: Tsubasa as she appears in Encore, Tsubasa & Caeda as they appear in Heroes, and Tsubasa as she appears as a unit in Heroes.



Left to right: Kiria as she appears in Encore, Kiria & Tharja as they appear in Heroes, and Kiria as she appears as a unit in Heroes.



Left to right: Ellie as she appears in Encore, Ellie & Virion as they appear in Heroes, and Ellie as she appears as a unit in Heroes.



Left to right: Mamori as she appears in Encore, Mamori & Draug as they appear in Heroes, and Mamori as she appears as a unit in Heroes.


You can make Tsubasa: Madcap Idol, Kiria: Cool Façade, Eleonora: Shooting Starlet, and Mamori: Microwavin’ Idol your allies in the New Heroes: A Star is Born summoning event starting January 19th at 11:00 PM PT. To earn Itsuki: Finding a Path, you’ll need to play in the Tempest Trials+ event starting January 20th at 11:00 PM PT.

What’s more, you can look forward to a Tap Battle event where you play to the beat of various songs from Encore, including “She Is…” and Kiria’s famous “Reincarnation”.

Be sure to check out Heroes soon while these events last. If you miss out on the characters, don’t worry—it’ll still be possible to obtain them later.

My Nintendo rewards for members in Japan!


Registered for the My Nintendo program in Japan? You can order these rewards now with Platinum Points.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Clear Poster & Ticket Holder Set


The clear poster is A4-sized and comes in two varieties, while the ticket holder can support up to A4-sized papers folded thrice. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring this to a certain concert? Up for 400 Platinum Points.

The ticket holder looks like this while it’s in use. It can also be a nice place to store other things like download cards.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Song Card Set



A 22-card set of the songs featured in the game, with character artwork printed on the front and lyrics printed on the back. See if you can pick out a favorite! Up for 300 Platinum Points.

Note: If you’re registered for My Nintendo in North America, you can redeem a special January calendar based on Encore to download for your device for 50 Platinum Points, but the offer ends at the beginning of February. Get it soon!

The concert and CD album!


As we alluded to earlier, there’s an official Tokyo Mirage Sessions concert hosted by Avex coming up, the Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Premium Live, which has its own official site with more specifics. It’s a special event where Encore’s voice actors are set to appear and perform the game’s songs live on stage.

You can listen to Encore’s music anytime, anywhere in the upcoming Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Best Sound Collection CD album, which releases in Japan on January 17th, the same day as the game itself. It’s said to preserve the game’s complete soundtrack, with all 22 vocal performances and 60 background songs for a total of 82 tracks. Catch a video preview of it on the official site for the CD album.

If you’re thinking about attending the Encore Premium Live, getting your hands on the Best Sound Collection early will have you find an enclosed form to enter a sweepstakes to win an early ticket of your own. This offer lasts through February 3rd.

You can order the Best Sound Collection online via Amazon JP, which ships internationally.




And that’s a wrap for this coverage! There’s a lot in store in the coming days, whether you’re a veteran in Showbiz Tokyo or just taking your first steps to stardom. Stay tuned as we continue to share updates about this marvelous mash-up between the worlds of Atlus and Fire Emblem.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore will be out in stores and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch across the globe on January 17th!

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