Heroes: Version 5.8.0 Details (Turn 1 Safety Fence for Aether Raids)

Today, we have more details for Version 5.8.0 of Fire Emblem Heroes, which is scheduled for 3rd~4th August 2021.

Feh Pass Loyalty Perks

As outlined earlier, Feh Pass subscribers will receive a few additional benefits for maintaining a subscription over multiple months–namely more Summoner Support slots and free Trait Fruits and Dragonflowers.

For more details, please refer to our previous article.

Aether Raids

A new Safety Fence (O) structure will be added.

Until Turn X (where X is the structure’s Level), after the defensive team’s skills activate at the start of their turn, if the entire raiding party is outside the defensive team’s attack range or the entire raiding party is within 2 rows and 7 columns centred on the structure, the defensive team will immediately end its turn.

In Version 5.8.0, the max Level for the Safety Fence (O) is 1. It can be constructed using 500 Heavenly Dew.

Hopefully this should relieve some of the troublesome Turn 1 strategies used, such as the ones that rely on the 7th slot being danced.

Also, the following structures can be raised to Level 9:

  • Infantry School (O and D)
  • Armor School (O and D)
  • Flier School (O and D)
  • Cavalry School (O and D)

Furthermore, these songs can be purchased from the Aether Resort Concert Hall:

  • “Preparations: Pilgrimage” (Shadows of Valentia game)
  • “Battle: Destiny” (Thracia 776)

Combat Manuals

After the version update, new events will award Divine Codes (Ephemera 8), which can be exchanged for the following:

  • 5-star: Dancer Micaiah and Hubert
  • 4-star: Valbar, Valentine’s Veronica, Arthur, Cecilia and Merlinus

Weapon Refinery

As usual, another batch of Heroes will receive improved weapon skills to help them keep up.

New weapon skills (and refines)

  • Loyalty Spear – Finn
  • Punishment Staff – Maribelle

New weapon refines

  • Dark Mystletainn – Eldigan and Ares
  • Níu – Laegjarn
  • Nifl Frostflowers – Bride Sanaki

New Legendary Skills

Also announced earlier; Fjorm will be receiving Mirror Stance 3 as an additional A skill (on top of Atk/Def Unity).

This skill will better complement her Leiptr special refine, which cancels penalties, despite Atk/Def Unity being boosted by penalties.

Mjolnir’s Strike

The Cogent Summoner structure can be raised to Level 4.

Resonant Battles

It will be possible to restart Resonant Battles via the menu on the bottom-left.

Heroic Grails

The following GHB/TT Heroes will be added to the Heroic Grails shop:

  • Fernand
  • Summer Leonie


There will be new buttons that take you to previous YouTube videos in the Tempest Trials+ menu.

These buttons will be found in the “Past Episodes” menu, available during an “Ice & Flames” Tempest Trials event or afterwards. They can be used to watch the Chibi Playhouse and Flower of Ice videos.

Useful for those who don’t follow on social media, etc.

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