Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Lyn Analysis

Today, the official Fire Emblem Twitter shared some more Fire Emblem Engage info as usual.

First, let’s have a look at Lyn’s profile:

Emblem Lyn (VA: Makiko Ohmoto), known as the Emblem of Blazing, is a nomad who lives in harmony with mother nature, and a skilled swordsman. She hails from the continent of Elibe from another world, and is a noblewoman related to the Marquess of Caelin.

Next, a conversation between her and Etie:

Etie: Miss Lyn, you have a nice and supple body. With a bit of training, you could build some impressive muscles.

Lyn: I do train to use a sword and bow, but training my muscles, huh… I never considered it. Perhaps it’d be interesting.

Afterwards, an overview video showcasing Lyn’s abilities:

Above is the video, re-uploaded as is. Below is a breakdown of the video.

Emblem Lyn excels in winning fights through merciless onslaughts that give foes no chance to retaliate. She’s good at both close-ranged assaults and sniping from a distance, making her ideal for units carrying heavy firepower.

The map here is the first Firenese map, with the bridges, seen in Marth’s showcase etc. Presumably the player is repeating the map, because everyone looks pretty high Level here.

The allies on the map include Kagetsu (sword, synced with Lyn), Louis (lance), Alcryst (bow), Lapis (sword cavalry) and Amber (lance cavalry).

Desperation is a Sync skill (usable by equipping Lyn) allows you to perform a follow-up attack before the foe counterattacks, provided your Speed is much higher than theirs. This lets you defeat enemies without taking damage from counterattacks

Desperation also appears in FE Heroes, although it’s HP dependent, rather than Speed dependent.

Kagetsu is showing it off here. His opponent is a Golden Corrupted. We’ve seen regular Corrupted foes and Fabrications, but this type of foe is new. Also, I wonder how it’ll tie into the plot…

Killer Bow is an Engage weapon that makes it easier to land critical hits.

Alcryst here is a Level 7 Tireur d’élite, presumably his promoted class (we’ve seen it at least two other times). His inventory includes a Longbow, Silver Bow, Steel Bow+1 and Elixir.

The map is a Solmese palace, I think. The interior section also appeared in Byleth’s overview video, while the exterior section appeared in Timerra’s showcase.

The allies on the map include Citrinne or maybe Clanne (tome/dual staves), Lapis (sword cavalry), I’m guessing Pandoro (tome/staff, Engaged with Byleth), Merrin (wolf rider), Diamant (sword), maybe Panettonne (Engaged with Celica), Amber (lance cavalry) and Alear (sword, Engaged with Marth).

Alcryst has active support ranks with Citrinne(?), Lapis and Alear.

Alcryst’s foe is a Solmese soldier with a Silver Lance. Not sure why we’re invading their palace, but there could be many reasons.

Alcryst triggers Bow Prowess: Heart Level 4. This is a variation of the Bow Prowess skills in Three Houses. “Heart” is the literal translation, but it’s hard to tell what it means without context. Perhaps critical hit related?

Call Doubles is an Engage skill that summons 4 clones around you, which can act as decoys. Also, when you attack, they will always trigger Chain Attacks from any location.

We saw a bit of this in the “Engaging with Emblems” trailer and this exact scene from the Topics article, which we covered here.

Louis is a Level 20 General with a Silver Greatlance+1. This map is the ruins featured in Céline’s showcase; it’s the location of a paralogue. The allies include Diamant (sword), Lapis (sword cavalry, synced with Roy) and I think Panettone (tome, synced with Celica).

Panettone has also been shown in axe-wielding classes, such as Berserker.

Before I continue with Lyn’s overview video, let’s take a break to explain Chain Attacks. These are typically tied to Backup type classes, as explained by the Twitter account.

Units with the “Backup” class type can perform assist attacks called “Chain Attacks” when other allies attack. When attacking an enemy, if any “Backup” type allies can attack the same enemy, those allies will also participate in combat.

Chain Attacks run off the same logic as linked attacks in Three Houses (Backup classes are known as “Linkable” classes in the Japanese version).

For example, if Alear is attacking an enemy and Boucheron (an Axe Fighter, which is a Backup class) could attack the same enemy from his current position, then Boucheron will lend a hand.

The Chain Attacks themselves seem to deal a small amount of damage, usually in the single digits.

However, if you have many character in a Backup class, you could potentially stack many Chain Attacks. For instance, what happens if you have several Axe Fighters or Lance Fighters with Hand Axes or Javelins surrounding the same enemy?

Also, some info about Covert classes too:

Units with the “Covert” class type gain double the positive effects from terrain. In places with many terrain such as Thickets, it’ll be trickier for enemies to hit you, giving you an advantage in combat.

Thickets grant Avoid+30, so Covert classes like Thieves and Archers could get a whopping 60 Avoid. Then again, I’m not looking forward to dealing with enemy Thieves/Archers hiding in terrain! That said, Mystical classes can bypass Terrain effects with their tomes.

OK, back to where we left off…

The clones created with Call Doubles seem to have 1 HP, like the Phantoms in The Sacred Stones. I’m unsure if you can control them yourself. However, unlike the Phantoms, which died quickly, the clones seem to copy your non-HP stats. In this scenario, Louis is a General with high Defence, so his clones probably have high Defence too, thus no damage.

Also, the clones here are fighting with Lyn’s Engage weapon, Mani Katti. Not sure if they’re locked to a particular weapon.

To finish off, Louis attacks a foe, while four of the clones participate in a Chain Attack, each dealing 5 damage. Louis has swapped to a difference lance, Brionac.

Astra Storm is an Engage Attack that deals 5 consecutive attacks from a long distance, without retaliation. When used by a “Covert” type unit, its range is increased by 10 squares.

Here’s Timerra using it, as a Level 20 Berserker (Backup). Normally, Timerra has been in the lance-wielding Sentinel and Picket classes.

The map is the one where Merrin Engaged with Lyn was fighting. It’s seemingly based on Binding Blade’s Chapter 21. Allies include Panettone (tome/staff, synced with Celica), Merrin (sword, wolf rider), Lapis (sword cavalry) and Alcryst (bow).

The first foe being targeted is a Fabrication wielding Bolganone. They have pale blue hair like the Hero from Celica’s overview.

The next foe is a monster/dragon Fabrication with Fire Breath. This battle scene was shown off in the Topics article. Similar monster/dragons have appeared, but darker in colour. Hang on, is this one lighter because it’s a Fabrication foe? The darker ones could be Corrupted.

Yunaka is showing off the 20 range Astra Storm as a Level 20 Thief (Covert) with a Peshkatz (high level knife from Radiant Dawn). Of note, Yunaka can still gain exp, suggesting Thief can go beyond Level 20, like Seadall’s Dancer class.

This map appeared in “Engaging with Emblems”, but Ivy was was using Astra Storm instead.

Allies include Panettone (axe) towards the north, Pandoro (tome/dual staves), Lapis (sword cavalry), maybe Etie (bow), Chloé (lance flier), Louis (lance), Fogato (bow cavalry), Goldmary (sword) and Bonet (sword cavalry). I don’t see Alear though.

Of note, I think Chloé is a Wyvern Knight here.

Left is Chloé from Lyn’s overview video; notice her mount has a weird ribbon on its tail. Middle is Rosado as a Wyvern Knight from “Engaging with Emblems”. There’s the same kind of ribbon on her wyvern’s tail. Right is Chloé as a Griffin Knight.

Moving on, we have Etie using Call Doubles to trigger 4 Chain Attacks on a Fabrication foe. The map is probably this one, a throwback to Thracia’s Reinhardt battle.

Next is Lapis showcasing Desperation to take out a Corrupted without receiving damage. Interestingly, she’s in an axe-wielding class. Before, she’s only been in sword infantry and sword cavalry classes.

Finally, Amber as a Level 19 Paladin using Astra Storm, with cavalry movement. The map seems to be Firene on fire. Allies on the map include Diamant (sword), Pandoro (tome/staff, synced with Byleth), Lapis (axe), Louis (lance) and Kagetsu (sword).

Amber’s foe is a ruffian Wolf Knight with a Silver Knife.

At this point, the official Twitter account has shared everything from the official site. So I’m not too sure what they’ll show next.

That said, they did show off Anna and Yunaka, who aren’t on the site. Plus we don’t have profiles for the various retainers and other characters like Citrinne, Lapis, Amber, Jade, Pandoro, Bonet, Seadall, Panettone, Merrin and Kagetsu.

Like Yunaka, all of these characters have popped up in footage in noticeable capacity. Actually, it’d be funny if all of them were retainers.

Citrinne and Lapis are most likely Alcryst’s, Amber and Jade perhaps Diamant’s, Pandoro and Bonet accompany Fogato at one point, while Seadall and Panettone have food/dessert names like the other Solmese, so they could be Timerra’s.

Thinking about it, Kagetsu has a Japanese name, but his name has “flower” in it, so he could technically fit the Elusian naming theme. Merrin, I have no clue though.

By the way, I’ll be away for most of tomorrow/the weekend, so any translations/analyses will be delayed. Please don’t drop another major trailer.

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