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Heroes: Special “Love of a King” Banner trailer drops, Heroes available Feb 4 at 11 PT

As teased yesterday, we’re seeing the next Valentine’s themed banner, in the Love of a King banner, and we sure knew the units, but we didn’t have the details on their skills. Well, we don’t need to wait too long to get them, as the trailer here just so happens to cover them!

Not only are we getting the units teased during the FEH Channel yesterday, in Gustav, Alfonse, Henriette and Lif/Thrasir as a Duo, but we’re seeing some doozies of skills in this batch. There are indeed the Cover-type skills, D/R Near Save 3 and A/R Far Save 3, on both Gustav and Henriette, which allow a unit to tag in and take damage for another nearby unit, but they’re also inheritable. We’re also getting the next -Form skill, in Def/Res Form, and two new inheritable tomes in the enhanced self-healing and debuffing based on nearby allies Amity Blooms+ and Unity Blooms+. That doesn’t even begin to describe the unique skills featured on the new Duo unit, of which, the most notable is the PRF C-skill that blocks Healing on targets.

This event will run from February 4 through March 4 (11p PT on both accounts).

For more details on the units, click Read More.

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Serenes Forest Talent Showcase | June-mmunity Fanartist Month – Day 1 (Peachisaa)

Fire Emblem is a game series loved by many, and that goes without saying. From independent projects like the FE Compendium project to Reddit’s /r/FireEmblem and /r/FireEmblemHeroes solo art, to our very own hosted events like SF Scribbles, artists all over the web love to showcase their talents for our beloved franchise; After all, it’s no surprise that with any fandom, comes artists who show their love for the source material.

Because of this, we at Serenes Forest will share some of that talent with you, the residents and patrons of our beloved little home. During the month of June, we’ll be highlighting several artists that have demonstrated great talent in creating wonderful artistic gems, and let you know where you can get your hands on some of their cool hand-made merchandise, too.

My daughter would love to have this on her backpack.

June-mmunity, as we’re coining it, will highlight several artists whom have created adorable crafted goodies for you to lay on your shelf or carry with you wherever you go. Today features Twitter user @peachisaa, and her Fire Emblem Heroes themed plushes.

I never summoned one during his Banner…now I can finally get him!

Peachisaa has made an adorable Easter-themed Alfonse plush, which can be seen on her Etsy. She’s also created a number of charms featuring Alm, Celica, Takumi and Corrin (female), and will soon have a Sharena plush available to match Alfonse. Her Alfonse is available for pre-order here.

If you’d like to show support for the community, pay them a visit at their respective Etsy, Twitter or otherwise listed pages above (anything bolded can be clicked). Give them a follow or a share, or pick one of their creations up for yourself if you’re able and interested.


If you want to have your work showcased on Serenes Forest, contact me (Elieson) on our forums and I’ll do my best to feature you and your talents. Bear in mind that June will feature more of a crafts lineup, while December will be our Draw-cember event, featuring talent more akin to drawings, paintings and the like.

Heroes: Spring Brings us Hares at the Fair

A new banner is upon us, and the sneak peek came a bit sooner than expected, with the Hares at the Fair banner. This banner gives us no new heroes, but variants of some classic favorites, and our Askrian prince and princess finally see an alternative version  to hit the fray.

Among the basket of newcomers includes an Easter themed Catria and Kagero, sure to catch the eye of many a summoner. Of course, they will come with their own banner, as well as a paralogue series, providing orbs aplenty and no doubt, quests to do the same.

Keep your eyes open from March 22 until April 22 (12a PT – 11:59p PT) for these Springtime surprises. For details on the incoming heroes, read more below:

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Heroes: New Quests with Alfonse!

If you feel like taking a break from grinding in the Tempest Trials, there are some new quests available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Quests with Alfonse features, as you might guess, special missions that you must complete using Alfonse.

You can earn a variety of rewards for completing these quests, including Orbs! Other rewards include Shards, Crystals, Sacred Coins, and Hero Feathers. Check down below for a full quest listing.

Quests with Alfonse will be available for a couple weeks, ending on 10 December at 6:59am UTC.

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