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Heroes: Mythic Hero Summoning Event – Naga: Dragon Divinity

A new Mythic Hero is flying into Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on the latest Mythic Hero Summoning Banner for your chance at Naga: Dragon Divinity. You can take a look at our earlier article to peek at her skills.

11 other 5★ exclusive heroes will also be available this banner alongside Naga: L!Eirika, Hríd, NY!Gunnthrá, L!Tiki, B!Hector, L!Lyn, Lugh, NY!Fjorm, Duma, Velouria, and NY!Laevateinn. Best of luck summoning the heroes you most desire!

If you need a few more Orbs for this banner, Heroes has you covered. You can earn another 9 Orbs in Naga’s Mythic Hero Battle! Beat the Infernal level of all four battles to unlock Abyssal and a new Gold Maid Headpiece! Many other Legendary and Mythic Battles are back as well, if you still haven’t completed all of those.

The Mythic Hero Summoning Event for Naga: Dragon Divinity will be around for a week, ending on 6 June.

Heroes: CYL3 Wraps Up & Mythic Hero 2 Appears

It’s been on the board for a while, but our week of fun has concluded, as the Choose Your Legends 3 event has come to a close. Votes will be tallied up and released by IS (and visible on their Twitter feed soon enough), but for now, we have a new Hero to worry about…a new Mythic Hero.

Valentia’s mad Rigelian god Duma graces our stage, and brings with him a heavy showcase of power to boot. Duma: God of Strength joins in the second Mythic Heroes banner as a colorless dragon armor, making him the first of his kind, and brings with him the attack boosting Anima blessing.

What’s more, is that he comes with the expected batch of 11 comrades (three in each color, in total), all available in an 8% focus-only session, including:

  • Blue
    • Kliff
    • Ryoma (Performing Arts)
    • Tiki (Legendary)
  • Colorless
    • Loki
    • Linde (Summer)
  • Green
    • Elincia (Performing Arts)
    • Ephraim (Brave)
    • Lyn (Legendary)
  • Red
    • Eirika (Legendary)
    • Ike (Legendary)
    • Laegjarn

The Mythic Heroes banner kicks off on January 29 at 11p PT, and runs until February 5, so if you’re interested in collecting this powerhouse, or those in his bundle, now’s a great time to mentally prepare yourself.

For the Japanese trailer, click here.

For more info on Duma: God of Strength, click Read More.

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