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Awakening Trio Hit NA Shelves Today Through Project X Zone 2

As I brought up a few days ago, Europe and Australia can get their hands on Chrom and Lucina in Project X Zone 2. Today, the US gets to play with two Falchions, as it hits shelves in North America today as well!


The game is already getting generally positive reviews from gaming sources (hovering around a 7/10-8/10 from Metacritic and Famitsu). If you’d like to have a blast with some friends at a high energy spectacle, you can add this title to your shelf for $39.99.

Don’t Live in the US? Get Your Fire Emblem Fix Today Anyway

Project X Zone 2, featuring Chrom, Lucina and a matured Tiki, hits shelves today in Australia and EU regions. It debuts in NA in four days, as well as Fates in seven. Here’s your chance to get a bit of Fire Emblem action in while waiting for the rest



Also, if you live in near Toronto, today’s Fire Emblem Fates event is going on! I’ve contacted one fan who plans to visit already, and would love to hear how the event is from other fans who get an opportunity to participate.

And with that, American fans bide their time in the week long wait until their Fire Emblem fix for the year hits stores of all kinds. News on a European release would be lovely right about now…

Pre-Fates Goodies for Early 2016

It’s almost that time! Fire Emblem Fates is about to get released in the United States and Project X Zone 2 is just as close. Unfortunately, pre-ordering has been an almost deadly affair for those seeking the Fire Emblem Fates Collector’s Edition. At least something else is coming as a pre-order bonus.


Aqua, Ryoma and Xander come for free with the pre-order of both Conquest and Birthright.

GameStop has been among the more controversial players in the pre-order game, but after much controversy and struggle to provide fans with what they want, they’re offering a special of three Comiket/25th anniversary celebration’s keychains.

Gamestop is already fighting off the masses after trouble with cancelled pre-orders, but they’re offering something else up which may offset the additional $20.00 investment of purchasing a second cartridge rather than taking advantage of the DLC offer and buying the alternate version at half price.

In other news, those who want to get their feet wet again after a hiatus from the franchise can find solace thanks to BandaiNamco’s Twitter feed. They’ve announced that Project X Zone 2 will see a demo for the US on January 26.


Furthermore, a reminder of their previous announcement last month is due since it shared the game’s demo being up for grabs in Europe as of January 21. Now, if we could just get a Fire Emblem Fates release date for Europe!

Project X Zone 2 Adds Tiki to NPC List

It’s well known by now that Fire Emblem has made a fantastic debut in Project X Zone 2, featuring Chrom and Lucina as playable characters on their roster. With little more than a single sighting in Famitsu as evidence, Tiki has been announced as an event character in Project X Zone 2. Sadly. she will not be a playable character, as event characters in this game serve roles simply defined as NPCs.


Project X Zone 2 will be available for trial version download on October 9 (yes, this Friday), so if you own a Japanese 3DS, you may be able to give this game a whirl and experience Fire Emblem in a whole new way!

Original Article via Famitsu