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Heroes: More Archaneans Arrive with Ascended Fjorm!

The trailer for the next batch of New Heroes is here–and there’s a twist. “New Heroes & Ascended Fjorm”, which runs from 18th October 2021 (UTC) will feature characters from Mystery of the Emblem alongside the new Fjorm from the “Ice & Flame 4” Tempest Trials+ event.

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

The featured Heroes in the banner are: Wolf, Malice, Roshea and Ascended Fjorm. Wolf and Roshea are members of the Wolfguard, an elite squadron created by followers of Hardin. Meanwhile, Malice is a mercenary who debuted in BS Fire Emblem and returned in New Mystery of the Emblem.

As for Fjorm, she’s the first Ascended Hero–a new type of Hero that comes with a new mechanic. Ascended Heroes can be given an Ascended Asset, which is a second Asset, in addition to their default Asset/Flaw. This is effectively a free +3 or +4 to a secondary stat.

Non-Ascended Heroes can also be given an Ascended Asset by using an Ascended Floret item. One Floret will be awarded the first time a unique Ascended Hero is summoned (but no more). Also, one Floret will be awarded the first time you access the “Ascend Traits” menu (so all players will get 1 and lucky players can get 2).

By the way, if you need to change a Hero’s Ascended Asset after the fact, you can do so by using a Trait Fruit. Furthermore, Ascended Assets have no impact of Arena scoring etc.

Besides that, the remaining two members of the Wolfguard will also be available. Sedgar: Coyote’s Dutiful will appear in an upcoming Grand Hero Battle, while Vyland: Coyote’s Justice will be obtainable from special Quests, before being added to the summoning pool from the next Special Heroes banner.

Please continue for a breakdown of the Heroes from the trailer!

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