Cipher: Series 4 Pre-release Livestream

Fire Emblem Cipher’s 4th expansion “Shimmering Illusions”–featuring characters from Mystery of the Emblem, Awakening and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE–hits Japanese shelves on 17th March 2016.

Midori's voice actor and Yusuke Kozaki join the Cipher team.

Midori’s voice actor and Yusuke Kozaki join the Cipher team.

Before that though, the Cipher team held another pre-release live stream to hype the new Series 4 cards and indulge us with the latest and hottest Cipher updates.

Once again, special thanks to Kirie for providing all the images and details in this article (except the official image above).

The event opened with our hosts showing the contents of a Series 4 booster box. Like recent boxes, the Series 4 box includes one of two promotional cards (Roy or Micaiah) and one of two exclusive sleeves (Mystery of the Emblem or Awakening).

01 - JWXIjKo 02 - OmEAz6Q

As per tradition, the promotional cards feature characters from the next series (Series 5) using the official artworks from their game; the sleeve designs were shown before at the Winter livestream,

04 - NbVTyXM 05 - cgK1LgN

Eager as always, Kawade delved deeper, unwrapping one of the 16 random booster packs, scoring himself Sedgar, Yashiro, Inigo and even a signed Toma.

After some discussion about upcoming tournament events in Japan, we’re treated to a TV commercial for Series 4.

08 - 8CzkqKr 09 - jT8DPTb

Next, Kawade headed over to the whiteboard to educate players in the way of Cipher. Naturally, this involved many new Series 4 cards as examples.

13 - XNmXxCB

Meanwhile, Kitanishi found plenty of ways to entertain himself, at one point cheekily waving a racy picture of Maiko from the recently released Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Visual Materials Collection in front of an bemused Takano.

14 - pjmqyXH

Anyway, back to more serious matters… Somebody needs to pull those shiny SR and signed cards and only special guest and illustrator, Yusuke Kozaki is badass enough for the task.

The fruits of his labour were…

15 - 6ftks99 16 - H2OPfM6
(Cordelia and Kiria)
17 - mxYiP2Q 18 - 8afbCa7
(Robin and Lucina)
19 - FIlfmBf 20 - rgWXy6P
(Yashiro and Tsubasa)
21 - jGcuIk9 22 - 8myvQun
(Mamori and Nyna)
23 - 70UnMLQ 24 - eQ9ZprT
(Toma and Eleanora)
25 - keMfM7D 26 - OlLbbV6
(Say’ri and Libra)

27 - F6SCTSm

Following Kozaki’s envious card-pulling adventures, the hosts teased some of his artwork from the upcoming Series 6: Oboro, Chrom and Hans.

While we’re here, they also took this opportunity to plug the upcoming Fire Emblem Fates official soundtrack, available from 27th April 2016.

30 - OHQHyON

Moving on, we’re given more details of the closer–but still faraway–Series 5, “Beyond Strife”, starting with the design of the booster pack.

31 - ja8U5vw 32 - TtLBMnR
33 - 1K5DBlg 34 - oef8baZ

From here, full artworks of Dieck, Elincia, Edward and Meg were shown to our dazzling eyes.

35 - eVoagr3 36 - xpBlZ6j
37 - G2LsW2n

Not to be content, the hosts continued with previously unseen assets from Series 6: a rough sketch of Xander and artworks of Maid Elise and Arvis. Ahh, too much excitement!

38 - yIsnSjO

Finally, to wrap up the event, the hosts briefly recapped the Series 4 release details and, for our convenience (and sweaty palms), showed off a montage of the 7 signed Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE cards.

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