Heroes New Year’s Celebration! Banners, Tempest Trials, Quests, & More!

Hope you’re having a Happy New Year, Fire Emblem fans! Fire Emblem Heroes is also ringing in the new year with an extensive New Year’s Celebration. Some of these events have already been announced, but others are brand new. Let’s take a look at what’s in store!

Summoners can spend their Orbs on two New Year’s themed banners: New Year’s of Fire and Ice and Happy New Year!. The first contains the special New Year characters revealed earlier this week: Laevateinn, Gunnthrá, Hríd, and Fjorm. Check out our earlier article for a trailer and more details for these heroes.

The latter banner is, as expected, a rerun of last year’s New Year banner. You can try your hand at summoning Takumi, Camilla, and Azura here. These heroes will be appearing in the upcoming Voting Gauntlet. Both banners will be around for a full month, ending on 1 February.

To make sure you can summon some of these characters, Heroes will be providing lots of quests and bonuses! Right off the bat, all players will be getting New Year’s Summon Tickets as well as a New Year’s Log-In Bonus! You can spend those tickets on the Fire and Ice banner. We’ll be getting a total of five of them over the next few days.

Furthermore, you can earn some additional Orbs playing the latest Paralogue! New Year’s Wish is three chapters long, and also features Lunatic difficulty quests. Earn up to 12 Orbs by completing everything, and you’ll also get to see our newest New Year’s heroes in action.

Those new heroes will be useful for the latest Tempest Trials+: An Alliance of Princesses, which also starts today! Check out our earlier article with full details, or hop on in and start battling. As usual, the Trials and their associated Daily Quests will be around for 10 days, ending on 11 January.

If that’s not enough to keep you busy, the Heroes New Year’s Celebration also contains a large assortment of quests! Read on below for further details, or check them out in-game.

Aether Raids Quests

Kill different types of enemies and battle in Aether Raids to earn special Winter Aether Stones. These stones can be used to be special decorative structures in your Aether Keep! The Feh Kagami Mochi is my personal favourite.

New Year!

The New Year quests also require players to beat various types of enemies. You’ll be able to earn up to six Orbs, as well as Stamina Potions and Dueling Crests.

Both the Aether Raids and New Year quests will be around for two weeks, ending on 15 January.

January Quests

Once again, all Heroes players also have a new set of monthly quests to complete. KO enemies, play old story chapters, and compete in the Training Tower for piles of Orbs and other goodies. You’ll have the whole month of January to complete these quests.

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