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Heroes: Ash and Co Form a Band for Late April Fool’s Prank(?)

April Fool’s was 3 days ago, but y’know, sometimes it’s OK to be fashionably late.

Similar in vein to last year’s prank, which saw the Niðavellir siblings showcasing their mad dancing skills, Ash, Veronica and the Summoner have banded together to play a remix of “Lonely Puppeteer” (Elm’s boss theme and the music that plays in the Book VI trailer).

Via the official Twitter, the motion capture artists involved are Jill (Violin), MINA (Base) and Ryusuke Oishi (Tamborine).

Heroes: Reginn and Fafnir Dance Off “In the Club”

Note: We borrowed a time machine to add this article from the future.

Today is April Fool’s Day (in some countries), yet we have no words for this…

If you managed to retain your sanity by the end, what you just witnessed was Reginn and Fafnir dancing to the tune of the Book V trailer/map theme. I’m not sure what the FE Heroes team were smoking when they made this, but I kind of want it.

Heroes: Special 8-bit Feh Channel & Upcoming Brave Lyn Starter Pack

Following the scheduled maintenance for Fire Emblem Heroes, the much anticipated Feh Channel is now available, except it’s probably not quite what you expected!

To celebrate the Fire Emblem series’s 30th anniversary on 20th April, Feh has returned to her roots, with a 8-bit version of Feh Channel. On this occasion, there isn’t actually much (if any) news to share. However, f you can get past that, just sit back and enjoy the show.

Or if you just want the info, please skip ahead to the bottom of this post!

In other news, the current Black Knight starter pack will be replaced by a new starter pack once the next version update is live. This new pack will include an obtainable Brave Lyn in place of the enigmatic knight. Summoners who bought the first pack can still buy the new one.

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Heroes: The Fan Feh-vourite Legendary Hero Arrives & Bad Guys Voting Gauntlet

Summoners, the wait has been long, but the moment that you’ve been waiting for (and perhaps never even knew) has finally come! In a surprise video, Fire Emblem Heroes announced that a new Legendary Hero will debut today, on 1st April 2019.

Wait, we just had a Mythic Hero a few days ago, but nevermind that! The new Legendary Hero is none other than Feh, the Order of Heroes’ messenger owl. Naturally, she’s a Flying type–and she has a brand new weapon type, Colourless Owl.

Her stats look simply astounding and her skill set is mind-blowing, although we doubt they can be inherited by other Heroes. As well as vanilla Feh, you can also summon 11 other versions of Feh equipped with past accessories.

The Feh Legendary Hero summoning event lasts until midnight of 1st April 2019, UTC. Unlike previous Legendary and Mythic summoning events, the initial 5-star summoning rate is 0%. Yes, a big fat zero. So probably not all that different to normal summoning events!

To celebrate the occasion, all Summoners will receive a Head Orb accessory via the Present List. Sniff, they really do spoil us… Now if you’ll excuse me, my Halloween Sakura is going to wear this with great pride.

In other news, there’s something called a Voting Gauntlet featuring a bunch of ne’er-do-wells. No matter who you side with, the world is almost certainly doomed. The things we do for Orbs… As usual, the event lasts for 6 days. For more info, please check here.

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