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Heroes: Book V Begins Banner featuring new world Reginn and Grado Generals


As known through the moments-ago released Feh Channel, we know that the squad includes Selena: Flourspar, as well as Duessel, Natasha and Book V unit Reginn (who we will get one for free anyway). Included in these heroes are some new skills, including the next -Ruse skill and -Solo 4 skill. Also, Natasha will be part of the next 4* Focus as well as the 5* Focus.

This banner kicks off in just a few hours, so get ready to summon your first new Book unit, Summoners!

Details on all of the banner units can be seen by clicking Read More.

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Heroes: Feh Channel Dec. 7 shares details on Book V, Aether Raids updates and more

Feh Channel dropped a baller of a beat on us, giving us a huge description on what’s to come with Book V. Not only will tonight’s maintenance bring about Book V right into the fray for tomorrow, but we’ll see some bonuses with it.

In the Chapter 5 video, we’re greeted with an immediately with a mechanical electronic tune, showcasing a dark and concerned male figure, and a blue haired female piloting what appears to be Fire Emblem’s very first ever true Mech, bringing home the Dwarven aesthetic hinted at in the last trailer.


The scary fellow that I referred to earlier, is Fáfnir, and he’s the king of Niðavellir, who appears to have lost his way. Joining him are his two right hands, Ótr (Fáfnir’s younger brother) and Reginn (their younger sister).


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