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Amiibo News! New Zealand Gets Surprise Fates Bundles

That’s right folks. Nintendo appears to be releasing a special bundle for New Zealand (and hopefully, other EU/PAL regions), that will not feature a 3DS of any kind, but instead, will feature an amiibo and a NFC Reader/Writer.

The bundles announced for New Zealand thus far include:

FatesBR FatesCQ

The Birthright Bundle, including an Ike amiibo, Fire Emblem Fates Birthright and the NFC Reader/Writer.

The Conquest Bundle, including a Marth amiibo, Fire Emblem Fates Conquest and the NFC Reader/Writer.

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Europe: Fates Special Edition & New 3DS XL Available From Nintendo UK

Update: A few hours in and all of the Special Editions have sold out.

Nintendo UK has opened pre-orders for Fire Emblem Fates, including the coveted Special Edition and new Nintendo 3DS XL.


For the convenience of fans, there are various Special Edition bundles, including one with all four amiibo (Ike, Lucina, Marth and Robin) and another that comes with the new Nintendo 3DS XL.

Pouch and Coin Coin2 Coin1

All Special Editions come with a Nintendo UK Store exclusive family crest coin and a velvet pouch to store the coin, in addition to the steelbook, artbook and double-sided poster that you get normally.


Additionally, the new Nintendo 3DS XL comes with a free 3DS charger!

Pre-order the new 3DS XL now for £179.99!

Lastly, pre-orders on any version of the game net you a spiffy Home theme for your 3DS!

All items feature the anticipated May 20, 2016 release date as their shipping date. Plus everything includes free shipping costs! (Note: Shipping is only possible to the UK and Ireland.)

Good luck!