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Three Houses: Nintendo UK Online Store Offering Limited Edition with Coin & Pouch

Sorry for the flood of Fire Emblem news; it’s not my fault everyone decided today’s a great day to deluge us! Anyway, for those of you in the United Kingdom, the Nintendo UK Online Store has now opened pre-orders for Three Houses!

Two editions are available: the Limited Edition (£79.99; featured above) or Standard Edition (£49.99). Both come with a collectible coin and pouch (design not final), similar to the Fates special edition. Presumably this is exclusive to the online store.

Now the Fates special edition sold out pretty dang fast, but from memory, the Echoes one was around for a decent amount of time. That said, since this is a brand new games–and the series is more popular than ever thanks to Heroes–we recommend pre-ordering ASAP if you’re interested.

Also, the release date for the Limited Edition was wrongly listed as 16th July for a short amount of time, but was fixed to have its proper release date (26th July).

Update: As another option, GAME UK’s website has also opened pre-orders for the Limited Edition. You won’t get the coin and pouch, but if you’re not fussed, it’s worth considering at least.

Three Houses: Boxart, Music and Art Book Samples from the Fódlan Collection

Nintendo Japan has shared some new details about Fire Emblem Three Houses‘s Japanese special edition, the “Fódlan Collection”.

Firstly, here’s a look at the game’s box art and main visual.

The cover illustration is designed by Miss Chinatsu Kurahana, who’s the character designer for this game. In the background is the Garreg Mach Monastery, the two protagonists standing solemnly with their swords, and the three house leaders each crossing weapons. The standard edition will have the same cover.

Next is the Fódlan Artbook, which includes character designs and landscapes.

This is an art book containing 128 pages in total with a large number of illustrations and concept artwork. These include details of all the students enrolled in the three houses. If you read this, your enjoyment of the game’s world will surely be enhanced!

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Warriors: Special Editions Announced for Japan

Yesterday at E3, Fire Emblem Warriors gifted us with a new game trailer, gameplay demonstration and new amiibo. Today, we have some preliminary details about the special editions releasing in Japan, alongside the game, on 28th September 2017.

First, we have the “standard” limited edition, dubbed the “Premium Box“. This includes the game itself (Switch or new 3DS/2DS version), a 3-disk soundtrack CD, 80-page visual artbook and a set of character postcards.

The Switch edition costs 10,800 Yen plus tax, while the new Nintendo 3DS/2DS edition is slightly cheaper, at 9,800 Yen plus tax. Which at the current exchange rates–and including tax–comes to about 106 USD and 97 USD respectively.

Meanwhile there’s the “Treasure Box” for those with a more flexible budget; it includes everything contained in the Premium Box plus an amazing-sounding Dragonstone crystal (with voice sound effects).

Judging from the silhouette and the mention of sound effects, it could be an alarm clock of some sort. Anyway, the Switch edition costs 15,800 Yen plus tax (156 USD), while the new 3DS/2DS edition costs 14,800 Yen plus tax (146 USD).

The key thing to know is that the Treasure Box will be sold exclusively from the MyNintendo Store, Amazon Japan and GAMECITY (Koei Tecmo’s store). This of course doesn’t include retailers acting as proxies, etc.

At the time of writing, it’s unknown if these special editions will turn up in the West, but we’re confident Nintendo and Koei Tecmo aren’t going to disappoint the legions of fans.

Europe: Fates Special Edition & New 3DS XL Available From Nintendo UK

Update: A few hours in and all of the Special Editions have sold out.

Nintendo UK has opened pre-orders for Fire Emblem Fates, including the coveted Special Edition and new Nintendo 3DS XL.


For the convenience of fans, there are various Special Edition bundles, including one with all four amiibo (Ike, Lucina, Marth and Robin) and another that comes with the new Nintendo 3DS XL.

Pouch and Coin Coin2 Coin1

All Special Editions come with a Nintendo UK Store exclusive family crest coin and a velvet pouch to store the coin, in addition to the steelbook, artbook and double-sided poster that you get normally.


Additionally, the new Nintendo 3DS XL comes with a free 3DS charger!

Pre-order the new 3DS XL now for £179.99!

Lastly, pre-orders on any version of the game net you a spiffy Home theme for your 3DS!

All items feature the anticipated May 20, 2016 release date as their shipping date. Plus everything includes free shipping costs! (Note: Shipping is only possible to the UK and Ireland.)

Good luck!