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Three Houses: Fódlan Collection Mini-Analysis

Yesterday, Nintendo Japan showcased their Three Houses‘s special edition–the “Fódlan Collection”. In our earlier article, we briefly outlined the contents. But since it’s a quiet weekend, I thought I’d have a more thorough look…

To begin with, one of the biggest talking points, although perhaps for the wrong reasons: the game’s boxart and key visual. In case you missed it, Nintendo of America confirmed that they’ll be printing the same boxart. Presumably Europe will follow suit.

As for the artwork itself, the most interesting things for me are the weapons being held by the House Leaders and male/female Byleth. In particular, Edelgard seems to wielding an axe with a fairly unique design that I don’t remember seeing before.

I’m assuming the left side–the longer one–is the axe edge. On the right side, there’s a swirly symbol that resembles a Tomoe, which is apparently widely used in Japanese shrines and as a family emblem.

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Three Houses: Boxart, Music and Art Book Samples from the Fódlan Collection

Nintendo Japan has shared some new details about Fire Emblem Three Houses‘s Japanese special edition, the “Fódlan Collection”.

Firstly, here’s a look at the game’s box art and main visual.

The cover illustration is designed by Miss Chinatsu Kurahana, who’s the character designer for this game. In the background is the Garreg Mach Monastery, the two protagonists standing solemnly with their swords, and the three house leaders each crossing weapons. The standard edition will have the same cover.

Next is the Fódlan Artbook, which includes character designs and landscapes.

This is an art book containing 128 pages in total with a large number of illustrations and concept artwork. These include details of all the students enrolled in the three houses. If you read this, your enjoyment of the game’s world will surely be enhanced!

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