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Scale figure of Fire Emblem’s Marth revealed at WonHobby 33!

The Marth scale figure is real and it is glorious.

Last time in our update to the new line of official Fire Emblem scale figures by series developer Intelligent Systems, we learned of a teaser to an upcoming third collectible with just a silhouette teaser image to go by, knowing that we’d expect characters old and new.

We placed our bets on who this was going to be, and now the reveal proves us true: the third 1/7 scale figure will be based on Marth!

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Marth and Caeda Nendoroids at Summer Wonder Festival 2015

First teased during February 2015, the Marth and Caeda Nendoroids were on display at the Summer Wonder Festival 2015 held in Japan today.

2607-nen-marth 2607-nen-caeda

At the moment, only Marth has been painted; the fabled Hero-King looks rather glorious with his Falchion and Binding Shield.

I suspect Caeda, Marth’s sweetheart, will look nice when finalised as well, although her figure is still charming even without colour.

Both figures have yet to be given an expected release date or price, so Marth and Caeda fans will have to patiently wait for further updates.

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Marth and Caeda nendoroids + Cordelia figure update

Some exciting Fire Emblem merchandise news from the Winter Wonder Festival 2015:

marth_and_caedaGood Smile Company, renowned for their “nendoroid” line of figures, will be producing nendoroid figures of Marth and Caeda, the original Fire Emblem hero and heroine pair, based on their Heroes of Light and Shadow designs.

Also on display was an unpainted version of the Cordelia figure that was teased last year.

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