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Heroes: Our Next Mythic and Colorless Tome Hero is Bramimond of the Eight Legends!

Drum roll… The next Mythic Hero descending upon Fire Emblem Heroes will be Bramimond: The Enigma, one of the Eight Legends from Blazing Blade!

With the addition of Colorless Tomes in the previous version update, I think some fans were guessing that Athos would be in the running. But it seems for now, it’ll be his companion’s time to shine.

Bramimond’s Mythic Hero banner will be available between 31st March and 10th April 2020 (UTC). Joining him or her will be Fjorm, Legendary Robin, Legendary Tiki, Legendary Roy, Legendary Alm, Brave Micaiah, Brave Camilla, Thrasir, Altina, Peony and Mamori.

For more details, please peer into the shadows…

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Heroes: Líf – Lethal Swordsman is January’s Mythic Hero!

Well, there you have it! Fire Emblem Heroes’s first Mythic Hero of 2020 will be Líf: Lethal Swordsman, one of the antagonists of Book III.

Recently, data-miners learned that Líf’s signature weapon had its “enemy-only” flag altered, which hinted that he may be this month’s Mythic Hero.

Líf’s Mythic Hero banner will be available between 30th January to 6th February (UTC).

Correction: Apologies, got the UTC dates mixed up with the PST dates.

In his debut banner, Líf will be joined by: Legendary Ephraim, Legendary Hector, Legendary Lucina, Loki, Yune, Caineghis, Picnic Lucas, Legendary Eliwood, Byleth (female), Hilda and Legendary Leif.

If you’re interested, there’s a page for him on the “Meet some of the Heroes” sub-website. Also, keep reading for a text breakdown of his skills.

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Heroes: Trailer for New Mythic Hero: Altina: Dawn’s Trueblade + Haar GHB Revival

A new Mythic Hero is swooping her way into Fire Emblem Heroes! Say hello to Altina: Dawn’s Trueblade! Altina is a hero from the past of Tellius, eventually going on to form the country of Begnion. Check out here introductory trailer below. You can also hit the “Read More” button below for a text breakdown of her skills.

Of course, many other awesome heroes will also be joining Altina in this new banner. Here’s the full list:

  • Red: Altina, Legendary Marth, Sothis
  • Blue: Fjorm, Legendary Tiki, Legendary Julia
  • Green: Legendary Lyn, Yarne, Summer Laevatein
  • Colorless: Duma, Bride Fjorm, Summer Gunnthrá

The banner and battle for Altina: Dawn’s Trueblade begin tomorrow, 28 November.

Additionally, the Grand Hero Battle for Haar: Black Tempest also makes a return to Heroes! If you didn’t beat him before, now’s the time. Both newcomers and veterans can also complete special quests to earn more Orbs an an extra copy of Haar.

Haar’s GHB Revival will be around for about a week, ending on 4 December.

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Heroes: Thrasir: Omnicidal Witch as the next Anima Mythic Hero

In another chapter of How to Catch Elieson Off-Guard, Heroes throws something out that I certainly wasn’t expecting, in their latest teaser video for the upcoming Mythic Hero. This time, it’s none other than Thrasir: Omnicidal Witch.

Thrasir joins the Green Tome Infantry roster, as an Anima-blessed Hero, boosting the Defense stat. She comes with a pretty interesting weapon, a unique personal B-skill that has acts like a conditional Forseti with stat buffs, and a new inheritable C-skill, Panic Smoke 3, which is a -Smoke skill that inflicts Panic on nearby foes based on the foe you attack, and the foe you attack, which is atypical of -Smoke skills. Oh yea, the attack animation is pretty awesome to have on our side.

Standard of Mythic Hero banners, will feature a slew of 8% focused units to be summoned, three per color. Joining Thrasir will include:

  • Red
    • Eirika (Legendary)
    • Eliwood (Legendary)
    • Hrid
  • Green
    • Veronica (Spring)
    • Yune
  • Blue
    • Ephraim (Legendary)
    • Kjelle
    • Soren (Festival)
  • Colorless
    • Corrin (Fallen)
    • Eir
    • Genny (Picnic)

Thrasir: Omnicidal Witch’s banner will run from September 30 until October 8. Good luck, Summoners!

For more details on Thrasir’s skills, click Read More.

For the Japanese trailer, click here.

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