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Three Houses: E3 Treehouse Live Day 2 Analysis – Part 1 (Academy)

As promised yesterday, today’s Nintendo Treehouse Live started off with Three Houses. Overall, there was roughly 30 minutes of footage, covering the academy and battle parts. You might know I wrote a pretty big analysis for 8 mins of Gamespot’s video, which wasn’t even all gameplay. So, er, get ready for another mammoth analysis, I guess?

To save you some time, here are the big reveals. Firstly, when exploring the cathedral, dual audio was confirmed. So those who prefer Japanese voices can rejoice! Around the same time, we learned that some support conversations are only available post-timeskip–and you can romance characters during that time as well.

Also, it’s been confirmed that Raphael and Ignatz (previously translated as Ignace) from the Golden Deer can be recruited for use during the school phase even if you picked the Black Eagles. Previously, it seemed like they could only be used during the war phase, 5 years later.

Otherwise, keep reading for every detail, big or small!

Oh, actually, to make things hopefully easier, this analysis will be divided into two. To save my sanity and to give you some content to mull over while I finish the second half.

The footage begins with the male protagonist, Byleth, in his personal quarters. It’s currently the 11th month, the Red Wolf Moon, which is around halfway through the school phase. The player’s Professor Level (Instructor Level) is D, which is slightly lower than in the Gamespot preview. As such, only 3 action points are available.

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Three Houses: Gamespot E3 Preview + Analysis & Treehouse Live Reminder

Following yesterday’s dramatic E3 trailer for Three Houses, a few media outlets had a chance to try out a demo build of the game. Among them were Gamespot, who posted an insightful gameplay preview.

In this roughly 8 minute video, they showed off various gameplay snippets and talked about the game flow. As we now know, the game is divided into two parts: the “school phase” and the “war phase” 5 years later. Apparently the school phase lasts a full year or 12 months.

According to Gamespot, the weapon triangle is no more. Also, children do not make a re-appearance and romance has yet to be confirmed, but you can definitely build relationships, at least during the school phase. Finally, you can recruit students from other houses for the war phase, although we don’t know the exact limitations.

That’s about all the important new details, but there’s actually a lot more if you study the video in depth. Fans may be interested to know that the legendary heroes of Fódlan, previously translated as the 10 Greats, are the 10 Elites. Also, Byleth’s mystery crest is the Crest of Flames and his/her sword is the Sword of the Creator.

Also, as a reminder, Three Houses will be featured in today’s Treehouse Live segment (which can be viewed here). Apparently it’ll be the first game featured, which kind of makes up for its absence yesterday. Treehouse Live starts at 9 am PT/12 pm ET, so at the same time as the Nintendo Direct.

Otherwise, please keep reading for a full analysis of the Gamespot video!

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Three Houses: E3 2019 Nintendo Direct Analysis

Well, well, well… the cat is truly out of the bag now. During today’s E3 Nintendo Direct, a new trailer was shown for Three Houses, revealing the much-rumoured 5 year time skip. According to Nintendo Japan, the game’s story will will be divided into two parts: the academy and a huge war 5 years later.

First things first, a bunch of you are probably aware of the purported leak by Thanibomb from around a month ago. We’ve purposefully avoided discussing the leak because of its uncertain nature. But over time, the leak has correctly predicted a lot of information, such as names, character backgrounds and whatnot.

Of the predictions, the most outlandish ones were the time skip (including the exact number of years) and the aged up appearances of the three house leaders, which we now know are completely true. As such, when I have time later, I’m planning to properly dig through the rest of the leaks.

For now though, let’s see if we can break down the trailer shown to us!

Our third trailer focuses exclusively on cutscenes, with no gameplay in sight. This isn’t a bad thing, as we’ve learned a lot of gameplay details from the various Famitsu articles. Also, Three Houses will be featured during Treehouse Live, so it’s extremely likely that we’ll see some gameplay sooner or later.

The trailer begins by stating that a reunion is waiting for for the students in the future. It then briefly showcases some scenes from the students’ academy days. Some of these scenes we’ve seen before (in previous trailers or screenshots), although the very first one–in the abbey–is new.

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Three Houses: European Limited Edition Trailer + Mini-Analysis

A few days ago, Nintendo of Europe posted a trailer showcasing their limited edition on their social media channels.

We already knew about the contents way back, but what was intriguing for die-hard fans was the very quick glimpse of some of the art book pages. Oh, did I mention super blurry as well?

I was hoping the trailer would be uploaded to their YouTube channel or press sites or somewhere where it might be better quality. That way, we could have a better look at the pages, to see if there’s anything cool hidden

That hasn’t happened yet, but the trailer was uploaded to the Nintendo Switch news channel, where it’s slightly better quality. Not amazing, but beggars can’t be choosers… Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to record a seamless video, but I took a bunch of pictures.

Alternatively, you can view them on Imgur.

Since it seems like this is the best we’re getting for now, I tried my best to dig around. Just don’t expect anything too mind-blowing; I’m not a magician, haha. Please be aware there might be some minor spoilers.

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