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Heroes: Double Special Heroes Banner & June/July Event Calendar!

After taking a brief break, the official FE Heroes Twitter is back, with some useful information to share too.

Firstly, there’s currently a Double Special Heroes summoning event, featuring Special Heroes from Christmas 2019 (Zephiel, Duo Marth, Sothis and Nino), some from New Year 2020 (Duo Alfonse, Selkie and Lethe) and Valentine Conrad.

To make summoning more enticing, the 5-star focus rate starts at 6% and the non-focus rate is 0%. This summoning event will be around until the daily rollover on 25th June 2020 (UTC).

Next, the thing many of you were probably waiting for: the next event calendar, covering early June to July 2020 is now here!

Of note, new Special Heroes will be arriving on 18th June, then there’s the next Legendary Hero during 30th June, followed by another bunch of Special Heroes on 8th July. Well, well, it looks like it’s time for the annual double whammy of swimsuit banners!

Please continue for the text version of the calendar!

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Heroes: Double Special Heroes banner, Limited Hero Battles, and Iago GHB are live!

A number of things for Heroes to talk about today. The first is a Double Special Heroes banner featuring 8 Special Heroes – 2 of each colour – at 6% rate with 0% rate for regular Heroes, so you’re guaranteed one of these eight Special Heroes upon summoning a 5-Star!

Red has Duo Hector and Dancer Ishtar, blue has Halloween Ilyana and dancer Berkut, green has Halloween L’Arachel and Winter Fae, and colourless has Halloween Dozla and Winter Eirika. The banner is available until the 28th of April 6:59am UTC.

Iago: Nohr’s Tactician is the newest Grand Hero Battle to enter the Heroes catalogue.

Defeat the GHB at all difficulties to earn up to three copies of probably one of the most unlikable characters in then Fire Emblem series. You have until the 22nd of April 6:59am UTC to best him.

Still ongoing: Limited Hero Battles are here and will be continuing for the next 6 days! One will be released every day, with Oliver and Alm & Celica Limited Hero Battles already available. Still to come are Lyon GHB, Cecilia & Lilina BHB, and Fallen Robin LHB. There are certain limitations restricting deployments and sometimes the use of refreshers is limited or disallowed, so it should be a nice challenge for many. Clearing all difficulties on each challenge will earn you Feathers and Divine Codes (Part1).