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Echoes: Gamespot Preview with New Screenshots

On Friday, Gamespot checked out the English build of Shadows of Valentia at Nintendo’s PAX East 2017 booth. You can find their preview, which includes a couple of new English screenshots, over here.

Of note, the author commented about the lack of a weapon triangle, which some fans already guessed, due to the game sticking close to Gaiden‘s mechanics. That said, there will apparently be other ways to gain an advantage in battle.

There was also mention of “no support system during battles”, which has gotten some worried about the absence of support conversations. While we still have no information about this subject, this line was likely referring to Pair Up and Tag Team.

Otherwise, we got more confirmation about Archers being able to attack (or at least counter-attack) at melee range and spell-casters expending HP to cast spells. All things you could deduce from analysing recent screenshots.

If anything, it’s the screenshots included in the article that are the most interesting.

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