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Heroes: Resplendent Niles Arriving in December!

Starting today, FEH Pass subscribers can grab Resplendent Lucina. Additionally, the next Resplendent Hero to be distributed from 10th December 2020 (UTC) has been revealed as Niles: Cruel to Be Kind!

As you can see, Niles is rocking devilish duds from Múspell, the kingdom of flames. For more artwork and voice samples, check out his official webpage. After a slew of protagonists/important characters, it’s nice to see another minor character receive the Resplendent treatment!

Heroes: The Land’s Bounty Banner Brings Halloween Heroes

If you had a hard time figuring out who the teased Heroes were in the Halloween teaser from the other day, you’re not alone. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait too long to find out who will be joining us though, as the trailer for Special Heroes (The Land’s Bounty) has been posted, and we’re getting quite an interesting batch of heroes, including a few units with new movement/weapon type combinations. What’s more, is that we’re receiving a Tempest Trials+ reward unit that fits in the theme of the season.

The four summonable Heroes coming in The Land’s Bounty include a seasonal variant of Kagero, Mia, Myrrh and Niles, and the “free” reward unit coming into the fray is Dorcas. Of course, this pile of Heroes comes with a Paralogue series (for those juicy orb rewards), and we’ll have plenty of time to try to score the gang, as it runs from October 10 until November 8. Good luck, Summoners!

For more details on the summonable Heroes, click Read More.

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