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Heroes: Adrift Banner, 2.11 Update, & Aether Raids Now Available!

The latest Summoning Focus has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! The latest Adrift Banner is now available for all summoners. Spend some Orbs to summon up new alternate versions of M!Corrin, F!Corrin, and Camilla, as well as the brand new Mikoto. Check out our earlier article for a better look at these heroes.

In addition to the banner, all four of these heroes also appear in the new Paralogue, also called Adrift. Beat all three paralogue chapters on all difficulties and complete the matching quests to earn up to 12 Orbs! We also get another Log-In Bonus to earn Orbs daily just for logging in over the next 10 days.

If you’d like even more Orbs to summon these new heroes, the November Orb Promo also begins today! For the usual price, you can buy 21 Orbs along with a special gift of 60 Sacred Coins. It’ll last the a whole month until the December promo comes out.

The Adrift Banner will last until 21 November. Presumably, we’ll get a new batch of heroes then, possibly along with Book III? This banner also officially concludes our most recent Event Calendar, so hopefully we’ll get another one of those soon.

Furthermore, the Version 2.11 Update is now available! You can update within Google Play or the App Store if your Heroes app doesn’t load the update automatically.

This update contains the new Aether Raids gameplay mode information, which also begins today! We also get access to the Heroic Grails feature. Check out our Feh Channel article for more information, or jump into the game and play through the tutorial yourself. Read on below for further details of the update changes.

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Heroes: Weapon Refinery Update – coming soon!

Welcome to another Heroes news update! Today brings news of four weapon refines, up from our usual three at a time we’re usually accustomed to.

  • Saber: Driven Mercenary will receive the Golden Dagger.
  • Shanna: Sprightly Flier will receive Shanna’s Lance.
  • Florina: Lovely Flier will receive Florina’s Lance.
  • Bartre: Fearless Warrior will receive Axe of Virility.

As usual, the devs do not release any information about the new weapons, aside from the fact they can be further upgraded once refined. We’ll probably have wait until the update lands to see how the weapons will perform.

In case you didn’t know, “virility” means to have the traits of a manly man, amongst other masculine traits. To say the least, it’s an appropriate weapon for our mustached musclehead.

Heroes: Patch 2.10.0 has arrived! Weapon refines! GHB Abyssal Maps! Golden Ducky!

Fire Emblem Heroes has a new patch update – available from today! In order of appearance within the update, here’s a quick summary of what’s ahead:

  • Abyssal difficulty for daily Grand Hero Battles
  • Lite Data Version
  • New weapon skill and weapons to refine
  • Favourite-mark names
  • Help text consistency changes for certain special skills, and explanation for how damage is calculated.

First up: Abyssal difficulty has been added to the seven Grand Hero Battles that were introduced into daily rotation on the 13th of February 2018.

This includes: Navarre, Michalis, Ursula, Xander, Lloyd, Narcian, and Female Robin. The Golden accessory rewards contain a Golden Ducky, and that’s all that really matters in this update. No bias. The seven Gold items are below:

Image source: user Kaz_Kirigiri on Reddit

They all look pretty neat, to be honest. I think the Golden Mysterious Mask will see a lot of use, too. Today is coincidentally Navarre’s turn in the daily rotation, and beating his map on Abyssal difficulty will net you the glorious Golden Ducky. Get on it!

Click “Read more” below for more details on this patch update.

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Heroes: Version 2.9 Update + Heroes with Fury Banner!

The next version update is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Load up the game to begin downloading and installing the Version 2.9 Update. If Heroes does not download the update automatically, you can grab it manually from the Play Store or App Store.

The Version 2.9 Update brings some really cool stuff! Most notably, we’ll now have access to Combat Manuals for skill inheritance and barracks organization. We also get some new Weapon Refinery updates, and we’ll also have a new game mode, Relay Defense, starting this weekend! Read on down below for full details on everything.

Additionally, a new skill-based banner starts up today! Spend some Orbs on the Heroes with Fury banner for your chance at 5★ versions of Myrrh, Eldigan, and Chrom: Knight Exalt. All three of these heroes come with the A skill Fury, a powerful skill that boosts your stats in exchange for a small amount of damage after combat.

The Heroes with Fury banner will be around for about a week and a half, ending on 16 September.

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