Cipher Series 9 Pre-Release Livestream!

This past Saturday, Ryota Kawade and Young hosted a pre-release livestream for Fire Emblem Cipher! Series 9 comes out in just a few days, so it was a perfect opportunity to show off new cards and give fans some tidbits of information about upcoming sets.

The release of S9 coincides with the 2nd Anniversary of Cipher, so everyone was ready to celebrate. The room was decorated, Kawade was dressed up as Eldigan, and they even shared a special cake!

The main focus of the stream was, of course, the upcoming Series 9 which releases on 22 June. The booster series, entitled Roaring Echoes, features cards and characters from Fire Emblem Echoes, Binding Blade, Hasha no Tsurugi, Path of Radiance, and Radiant Dawn. The ST Deck Lands of the Gods focuses solely on characters from Echoes.

WARNING: Some of the card images revealed in this article contain character and story spoilers for Fire Emblem Echoes. Please use caution if you have not yet finished the game and are looking to avoid spoilers.

The booster boxes come with an assortment of goodies aside from just the card packs. As usual, every box will come with a pack of promo cards and a pack of promo sleeves, each chosen from two possible options. The sleeves for S9 feature either the original boxart for Gaiden or the new boxart for Echoes.

The preview promos for S10 feature Sharena and Alfonse from Fire Emblem Heroes. They are packaged with two special reprint promos celebrating Cipher’s 2nd Anniversary: Elincia and Lilina, originally magazine promos. Each box contains a pack with one card in each category; Alfonse is packaged with Lilina, and Sharena with Elincia.

Kawade also opened up an ST Deck to show off some of its contents. Each deck contains a predetermined set of 60 cards, including some holos and exclusive cards. As a bonus, the decks come with a playmat and a code for some cosmetic DLC for Echoes. We discussed the items themselves earlier in this article.

Series 9 Revealed Cards

Throughout the course of the livestream, Kawade and the stream’s guests showed off many new cards for S9. We’ve seen a large variety of cards revealed over the past few weeks, but there were still many surprises. First among them is the final red SR card for Echoes, which is given to Conrad. His card was later officially unveiled via @FEcipher.

Lots of special and signed cards for Echoes were also revealed. Alm, Celica, Grey, and Clair each receive signed SR+ cards in the set. Saber and Berkut get signed R+ cards while Faye and Zeke get unsigned, alternate art R+ cards. Zeke’s R+ card artwork is a callback to his appearance as Camus as an SR back in S1.

The secret card in this set is surprisingly also a red card. It’s a signed card of possessed Delthea from S11, and it appears to be based on her Cost 1 card, which is likely an N, as opposed to an R card which is more typical. Based on this, it seems likely that Delthea will get an SR card in S11.

Additionally, we were given glimpses of many new N and HN red cards as well. New cards in this category include Kliff, Mathilda, Delthea, Tatiana, Palla, Catria, Est, Conrad, Fernand, Emma, and Shade.

The next 25 cards in the set are purple cards of characters from Binding Blade and its associated manga. Since this is a smaller portion of the set, it only receives one SR+ card, which goes to Al, Hasha no Tsurugi‘s protagonist. However, this card is special in that it receives two signatures, from both the manga’s author (Hiroshi Izawa) and artist (Kotaro Yamada).

Other purple cards revealed during the livestream include Lilina, Jemmie, Zeed, and Yuzu. Only one purple R+ card is known so far, Raigh, and it was not shown during the stream.

The final quarter of the set is dedicated to green cards of characters from Tellius. The SR+ card for this set, Ena, was not shown during the stream, but we did get to see live shots of both R+ cards starring Ike and Lethe. Lethe’s R and R+ cards featured one piece of joined art with the R focused on her human form and the R+ on her transformed form.

We also got to see a few new N and HN cards for green, such as Janaff, Ulki, Tibarn, and Lando.

Series 10 & 11 News and Artwork

Kawade was excited to reveal the official name for Series 10, which is Crossroads. This set features characters from Thracia 776Fates, and Fire Emblem Heroes, and will be released in September.

Afterwards, they revealed some new artwork from this set, including shots of Leif, Finn, and Orson from Thracia; Shigure, Velour, and Selkie from Fates; and Alfonse from Heroes.

Furthermore, we got our first pieces of artwork for the still-unnamed S11 which will come out in December. This set will see a return to Echoes and also feature characters from The Sacred Stones and Fire Emblem Warriors. Both art pieces shown are of characters from The Sacred Stones: Myrrh and Amelia.

Livestream Guests

Kawade and Young had four different guests join them for the pre-release livestream. Juri Kimura (VA for Nyx, Mozu, and Yuzu) and Eri Suzuki (VA for Soleil, Delthea, and Emma) stayed for the entire presentation from start to finish and were excitedly decked out for the anniversary.

Later in the presentation, they were joined by a third voice actor, Katsuyuki Konishi (VA for Xander and Lando).

With three of the four Cipher mascot voices attending, they held an impromptu live performance of a Cipher Frontier column. Since Shade’s VA was not present, Kawade filled in for her, complete with a Shade mask.

The fourth guest was Kotaro Yamada, artist for both Cipher and Hasha no Tsurugi. He abstained from most of the pack opening to instead sketch some art in the corner, giving us some very lovely pieces of Zephiel, Guinivere, and Narcian.

Upcoming Cipher Events & Promotions

The next coming months are exciting times for a Cipher fan in Japan, with a wide assortment of events and promotions coming soon. A new promotion begins with the release of S9 later this week, with special Cipher clear files given away to Cipher buyers at participating retailers.

We don’t yet know if AmiAmi or other online, international retailers will be included in this promotion.

Special Pack Battles tournaments for S9 will be starting just after launch. Participants and winners in this events will earn this snazzy promo/marker card featuring the Cipher Mascots.

They’ll also have the first opportunity to earn Tournament Promo cards from S9 starting in early July. The full line-up of S9 tournie promos was revealed on the official site late last week. It includes new cards for Faye from Echoes and Grommel from PoR, and also alternate art reprinted cards of Alm, Celica, Jemmie, and Mist.

Kawade also took the opportunity to show off some merchandise from the upcoming Go! Go! Summer Tour! events. You can read full details about the event and all of the available merchandise in our article here.

2nd Anniversary Artwork

Throughout the stream, Kawade showed off a wide variety of promotional images made by various Cipher artists to celebrate the anniversary. A full gallery of all images can be found below!

And that wraps it up for the weekend’s livestream! S9 will release in just a few short days on 22 June. For discussion and speculation in the meantime, visit us at the FE Cipher Subforum on the Serenes Forest forums.

Thanks go to Kizuna and his Cipher blog for proving some complementary images that I was unable to screencap myself.

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