Heroes: Find & Vote Winners announced!

It’s something we’ve all been waiting for: The results of the Find & Vote event.

At least one of the results may shock you, and don’t say you expected it, either, because that would make you a liar.

Myrrh: Spooky Monster, Azura: Vallite Songstress, Lyn: Lady of the Wind, and Duma: God of Strength, are your four winners of each colour. You an visit the official website here, but will need to access it through a mobile device to view the results.

Remember that these four Heroes will become available as focus summons on the upcoming 2nd Anniversary Heroes summoning event on the 25th of February, 7:00am UTC. The first free summon will be replaced with a chance to summon one of these four winners at random, so pray that you get what you’re hoping for, or be prepared to start dumping your saved Orbs.

Click on “Read more” for a possible explanation on how Legendary Lyn beat out her green competition.

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Three Houses: February 2019 Direct Analysis

The wait for new Fire Emblem: Three Houses information has been painful for fans, but we can breathe a sigh of relief for now. During the February 2019 Nintendo Direct, we got our first look at the brand new Switch title since its E3 2018 debut.

The new trailer seems to open where the last one left off, with the mysterious young green-haired girl–presumably a dragon, because of her pointy ears–waking up from her slumber. Well, we’ve had dragons sleeping for centuries with Tiki, but 200+ days is quite a long time for us humans to wait!

As we suspected, this girl isn’t Tiki herself, but a brand new character that we later learn is called Sothis. She seems a bit surprised to see you here–and we’ll learn why later.

Right afterwards, we’re shown the game’s logo, which has been slightly updated. In particular, the “Three Houses” text now has a fancier, cursive font. The Japanese logo has been updated too, with the “moon” kanji (getsu) resembling a crescent moon.

It’s not just the logo that’s different, the world map of Fodlan has a few changes too. Most notably, the name of the three key nations–and the name of the continent itself–have been updated with their English translations.

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First Nintendo Direct of 2019 Brings News on Fire Emblem Three Houses, Releasing July 26

Nintendo is usually pretty good about giving us just enough information to want more, and this is no exception. During E3 2018, Fire Emblem: Three Houses was lightly detailed, and immediately, the internet took to storm. For the first time in nearly 250 days, we’re getting some real news, in today’s Nintendo Direct that in its own wait screen, mentions solely our game by name.

We’re given an intro by Sothis, our guide through the world.

Shortly afterwards, we’re introduced to Fodlan, the continent of the game, and its many countries and alliances (much like the way Radiant Dawn handled its introductions).

Continuing on, we learn a bit about the game’s primary worlds and religion of Seiros, in which we are part of. The Black Eagles (Adrestian, Edelgard), Blue Lions (Faerghus, Dimitri) and Golden Deer (Leicester, Claude) are introduced as the primary “houses” within the game’s introductory academy, and each house has its own colorful cast.

What’s the quirk? You’re the Professor of Battle of one of these houses.

You’re in charge of raising and teaching your students, guiding their specialties and lesson plans, as well as helping in socialization and battle coordination.

Not much was detailed about battle or the lesson plans itself, but there were quite a bit of names, clips and screenshots to analyze.

Fire Emblem Three Houses is set with its NA release on July 26 of this year.

Of note, there will be a special release including an Artbook, Steelbook, Calendar and Sound Selection CD, in the Seasons of Warfare Edition release.


For those interested in a much more detailed breakdown, keep an eye open for a post by VincentASM later today, our resident overlord and master of all things analysis when it comes to Fire Emblem teasers.

Heroes: New Power banners have arrived!

After new weapons and refines for any older character within Heroes has been released, it is tradition to have those units show up in a banner together. So here they are: New Power 1, and New Power 2.

New Power 1 banner sees Tharja, Amelia, Oboro, and Seth. Amelia is the only 5-Star exclusive here, so hope for a green stone during your free summon. New Power 2 banner has Fury man Hinata, Eliwood, Nino, and Niles on focus. No 5-Star exclusives here. Pull red if you don’t care for any of the Heroes, since it’s the most likely colour to dish out a 5-Star summon. Or green, because Nino is a fantastic F2P unit to build and use, especially now with her new tome.

That’s it for today, good luck on your summons!